When SGK began her Youtube channel in 2013, you guys have been the countless support who has been sharing, watching, playing with, and expanding the community in every way. To give back, at the end of every year SGK announces "Tamer of the Year" to one supporter who has been constantly supporting the community all year. From watching, sharing streams to social media interaction, Tamer interaction in discords, commenting, and watching Youtube / Smash events. This user gets prizes, and custom merch presented by SGK, making them a MOD of chatrooms, and including them on the Wall of Tamers as an honor for the community to never forget your support. Tamer of the Year is decided through the year from January til November and is announced during the final vlog of the year in December. 

"I wish I can give back to everyone, but the reality is that I can't if I can make one person smile then at least that's a good day for me! I wanna thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart because you're all just as important to me and I wouldn't be where I am today without you. I love you and this is my personal thanks to you." 




Name: Victor Rivera-Ramos

Twitter: @schizoidmoth

Age: 16

Location: Pennsylvania, United States

Join Community: 2014

Fav Music Video: Part of Me

Fav SGK Series: SGK Vlogs & Lets Play Highlights

Going from someone who just enjoyed SGK content to now, the man who came up with the Animal Crossing New Leaf Tournaments, the guy who makes everyone laugh from dusk to dawn, and who has made a huge impact on the community this year. Moth has become one of the most trusted and most welcoming people in the community. He is always involved, with a bright attitude and contagious laugh that no one can help but laugh along with him. He's always welcoming other people, and helping those who are in need. He's become a huge inspiration to many in the community who strive to be like him and be as bright as he is. His motivation in smash ultimate, having just earned the video game... is no doubt a goal that he will reach in the next years. Moth has become apart of the family, in which you can always call out when in need and be sure to leave with a huge smile, and a broken lung (from laughing too hard...).



Name: Luis Armando Lorenzo Echeverria

Twitter: @Superluisbros97

Age: 22

Location: Cancun, Mexico

Joined Community: 2014

Fav Music Video: Part of Me

Fav SGK Series: SGK Vlogs, Reactions, + SGK sketches

Luis has been around since almost the beginning, first joining the community during the "Road to Smash 4" Series nearly 5 years ago. Though he's been in the comments section, liking, and keeping up to date... it was really in 2018 where the Tamer from Cancun really became involved in the community. Over the year, Luis has watched, commented, shared, and liked every SGK video posted as well as showing up to 97% of livestreams while being extremely active in the chat, and the discord. His friends that are apart of the community call him family, as he treats everyone around as his own. Luis excells in competitive smash, improving every day with his Sonic, and his secondaries. Luis is here to stay, with a bright future ahead while having his family behind his back.


Name: Nicholas

Twitter: @suprboynicholas

Age: 17

Location: Indiana , U.S.A

Joined Community: 2017

Fav Music Video: Can't Be Tamed

Fav SGK Series: SGK Vlogs

Coming through just as unexpected and as quick as Sonic, Nicholas is a new Tamer that joined recently in the new year of 2017. From the start, he brought his fun and captivating personality to the community. He made friends quick, and took competitive Smash 4 as a hobby as he worked with nothing towards everything with all the tools the SGK community has given him through the year while making friends at the same time. He is cherished for his positive attitude, exciting atmosphere and will forever be known for his inspiring journey that we'll continue to support through the years.



Name: Tyson

Twitter: @Tyson7458

Age: 20

Location: Maryland, Virginia - USA

Joined Community: 2013

Fav Music Video: Scream & Shout ft. Manny

Fav SGK Series: Smash 4 Challenges

Tyson has been a veteran of the community since the beginning. with an open mind and carefree spirit, he has always motivated the community to be good to one another, and to build friendships. He's also a great smash player who to this day, continues to work hard and push others to work just as hard. He's someone anyone in the SGK community knows, and comes to for advice and help when feeling troubled. He's an inspiration on his own and a role model for players everywhere.  


Name: Ronald

Twitter: @KidEDarus

Age: 30

Location: New Jersey - USA

Joined Community: 2014

Fav Music Video: Part of Me - Apex 2014 Tribute

Fav SGK Series: SGK Reactions + SGK Vlogs + Smash 4 Challenges

Ronald is known as the heart of the community. He's been around since 2014 introduced on PK sparkxx's channel where SGK was once featured for a Smash 4 Challenge. After subscribing, Kid became an instant supporter by commenting on every video, sharing, interacting and supporting SGK and friends on twitter including guest stars, Heart of Hydra, and the Tamers themselves. He became a MOD in chatrooms and a good friend to everyone in the community bringing out what the channel is about: hope, friendship, positivity, passion and love.


Name: Andrea

Twitter: @AndreaPrime101

Age: 24

Location: South DakotaUSA

Joined Community: 2014

Fav Music Video: Liberty Walk

Fav SGK Series: Playthroughs

Andrea was the top comments of every video in 2014. Always the first comment, always the most supportive sharing across social media leaving always something nice to say. Sadly, she isn't too involved in the community no longer due to a busy schedule, but she always supports the community through social media and videos. She's always remembered for her honesty, her excitement and support for SGK and the Tamers. We always wish her best and continue to see her comments flow in on the latest SGK videos! 


Name: Andrew

Twitter: @Yatterman300

Age: 19

Location: Vegas Nevada - USA

Joined Community: 2013

Fav Music Video: Scream & Shout ft. Manny

Fav SGK Series: Road to Apex

Known as the father of the SGK community, people who have been around know that a lot of the interactions between tamers come from Yatterman's ideas. Back in the Xat Chat yatterman was the main chat mod. He was introduced back in Game Girls 2013 and moved to SGK's channel after a Solo move. Since then, he's seen and grown with the channel from 0 views, to 1000, to 10,000 and to the thousands of people we see today. He trained smash with players, met friends, brought people together to enjoy what the SGK website and c had to offer and will forever be respected and loved by tamers everywhere.