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Wikipedia Bio: SuperGirlKels "SGK"

SuperGirlKels, abbreviated as SGK, is an SSB4 Sonic player from Montreal, Quebec, and is considered the best Sonic player in Canada, and among the best Sonic players in North America, alongside 6WX, Manny, and Wrath. SuperGirlKels is currently ranked 5th on both the Montreal Smash 4 Power Rankings and Canada Smash Ranking[1]. She has taken sets off of players such as CaptainZack, Mr.R, ESAM, Mew2King, Fatality, MVD, Pink Fresh, Ryuga, Venom, and Blacktwins.

SuperGirlKels is one of the first women to win a regional, doing so at Lan ETS 2016. She is also the first woman to be ranked on the Panda Global Rankings, being ranked 100th on the Panda Global Rankings 100.

On February 22nd, 2017, SuperGirlKels was signed by BOT Empire.[2] On February 10th, 2018, SuperGirlKels was signed by both Even Matchup Gaming and Iceberg Esports.[3][4] On March 1st, 2018, SuperGirlKels announced her departure from Iceberg Esports following the organization inexplicably dropping players and refusing to pay them.[5][6]

- Wikipedia: December, 2018

Recent Tournament Results (2019 Tour)

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Upcoming Events

Liberty Walk DX 2019 - Smash Ultimate Online Tournament - 550$ Total Prizes

Date: July 20-21

Location: SuperGirlKels Tamer Discord, SGK Community, Online

Registration: -Coming Soon-

Confirmed Events: Not Entered - Commentator & Host only

Doubles Partner: Not Entered

Liberty Walk DX IS BACK after such a successful year! This time, we're back better than ever with more giveaways, more sponsors, a higher quality production, pro commentators, returning favourites ALL in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! 

---- Sponsorships and Partnerships -----

*Coming Soon*

--- Registration Details---

- FULL Details, and Registration Trailer will drop April 15th 2019

- Registration Opens April 15th 2019

- Registration Closes July 6th 2019

- Pools , Brackets Release July 13th

- CAP Registration:

Doubles: 50 Teams

Singles: 100 Players

Hosted by: SuperGirlKels

TO/Brackets by: SuperGirlKels, Lil_0ne, Jayy

Commentators Confirmed:

- SuperGirlKels

- DragonMatt

- *Not Announced*

- *Not Announced*

- *Not Announced*


Singles: 350$ Split between Top 3  -  1st: $200  2nd: $100  3rd: 50$

Doubles: 200$ To 1st Placing team - Each player receives 100$


*Coming Soon*

- Stay updated to the "Liberty Walk DX" page for full information and updates

Super Smash Con - Smash Ultimate Major Event

Information Coming Soon

Dreamhack Montreal - Smash Ultimate Major Event

Date: September 6-8 2019

Location: 4141 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave, Montreal, QC H1V 3N7

Registration: -Coming Soon-

Confirmed Events: Singles & Doubles

Doubles Partner: Not Confirmed

DreamHack Montreal is a three-day event with everything gaming under one roof! DreamHack Montreal will feature all core content of a DreamHack festival, such as the BYOC LAN, esports tournaments, cosplay, live music, an expo area and much more. It is a must visit for any fans of the digital and gaming lifestyle.

More Information Coming Soon

The Big House 9 - Smash Ultimate Major Event

More Information Coming Soon

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