SCHEDULE FOR STREAMING is based on SGK's workload with school, jobs and more! Tune into her SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter, FB, Instagram and Youtube to find out times and days to stream as she announces streaming events hours prior to the stream! 

- 100% Completion Playthoughs

- Sonic and the Secret Rings

- Once a Week (Guarantee)

- Nintendo Wii

- 3 Hours Stream

- Animal Crossing New Horzions

- Monthly Tournaments 

- Town Building / Relaxing 

- Online Gameplay

- 2-5 Hours Stream

- Art Streams

- Streaming from SGK's Studio!

- Requests

- Thumbnail Creations

- 3-4 Hour Streams

- PERSONAL Streams

- Personal games to complete and play

- Done when SGK is on relaxing times

- 2-3 Hour Streams

- Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

- Tournament Runs

- Viewer / Sub Challenges

- Doubles Rotations

- First to 10 Challenges

- FREE Coaching Sessions

- 3-6 Hour Streams

VOTE FOR THE NEXT LETS PLAY AFTER Sonic and the Secret Rings!

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