Team Sonic Racing

SEGA, Sumo Digital - Nintendo Switch Version

Race to Win - Information

Team Sonic Racing is the newest racer from SEGA that features characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise that go toe to toe in high-speed racing action! In this racer, you work as a team of 3 and use teamwork to reach the top 3 spots. Once the game launched, potential has been noticed for this game to become apart of the Esports Racing Scene due to the mechanics, balanced item play, teamwork that takes constant thinking, and skill as well as of course, knowing how to drive the best. The SGK community has launched their own scene known as the "Team Sonic Racing Mania" that features the community's top racers by holding weekly practices, tournaments, training sessions and more that all count for points to qualify for future championships, and for Power Ranking spots. So get your hand behind that wheel, and start racing to the finish!

  1. Events will be held on every 2 weeks
  2. Events will switch between both 3 Vs 3 & Singles every event
  3. Players must pre-register at least 2 hours before the event time in order for seeding, and preparation of the bracket
  4. 3 Vs 3 bracket will be held on
  5. Singles Bracket will be held on the “Team Sonic Racing” Channel on SGK’s Tamer Chat Discord , Bracket is made by hand.
  6. If Players choose to stream their matches, they have permission and can co-stream along with SGK
  7. If players choose to upload their sets, they have permission as long as the footage and tournament is credited to the tournament
  8. Teams can have 1 extra member (4) as a backup in case team members are unable to participate, lost internet, or must leave. This player will replace the leaving player ONLY for an emergency and to to avoid disqualification.

NEXT Event:
Team Sonic Racing Mania Weekly #12: SINGLES

Date: December 7th 2019

Time: 1PM EST - 4PM EST 


Chatroom: SGK Tamer Discord




Summer Season Takes Place from May 21st - September 21st

* Based on Weekly Performances, Tournament Performances , and Training Sessions will take effect if tied*

* Gold: 1st Silver: 2nd Bronze: 3rd Blue: Current PR Black: Ranked, but not currently PR

Wins Points: 

1st: +200 2nd: 100 3rd: 50 4th: 40 5th: 30 6th: 25 7th: 20 8th: 15 9th: 10 10th: 5 11th: 2 12th: 1

IF was a Substitution Play for a Set: 45

(Current Leads)

1st. ProfessorShyGuy (+1100)

2nd. Armr!Turbo (+1020)

3rd. Lightning McQuick (+977)

4th. SuperGirlKels (+820)

5th. Go_Drop_Dead (+550)

6th. 1crash94 (+525)

7th. KidEDarus (+495)

8th. Tyson7458 (+480)

9th. BluRacer7 (+475)

10th. Hasad47 (+380)

(Close! Keep racing!)

11th. Jayy (+290)

12th. SuperboyNicholas (+265)

13th. Renz0_ (+250)

14th. Truth (+240)

15th. StarryLuna (+200)

16th. DerBear (+200)

17th. keeps 42 (+200)

18th. Hilarity (+200)

19th. Tygrisica (+160)

20th. Malix the Hedgehog (+125)

Tournament Rules

3 On 3 

BRACKETS Held on, must register at least 2 hours before the event with your teammates. ALL Discussions done on the CHATROOM - TEAM MUST HAVE A TEAM NAME

  1. Team must be a completed team of 3 members
  2. Team can include 1 extra member (4) as a Sub in case members must leave, get disconnected, and/or can’t make it.
  3. Subs can only be used for the above reasons, and to avoid DQ (disqualification)
  4. Team will be moved to the loser’s bracket if they are late by 10minutes
  5. Team will be DQ’d after 20minutes of being late
  6. IF a member disconnects during a match, the opposite team gets 1 win.
  7. IF a member from the team disconnects 3 times in 1 set, the team will be DQ’d due to potential cheating, stalling, and to avoid delay.

Bracket Formula:

- Room of 6 Players, Team Race ON, Expert Mode, NO AI

- 4 Races (BO1)

- Grand Finals are 8 Races (2/3)

- Doubles Elimination

- 1st Stage is held on Wisp Circuit

- Winning Team of Game bans 3 Stages in Game

- Losing Team Counterpicks Stage

- Repeats Points (-) 6-7 until 4 races are finished

- The team with the most points advances

- The losing team will move to the loser’s bracket/ or is eliminated if already in the loser’s bracket

- IF in the case of a TIE, there will be 1 extra race played on Sky Road to determine the Winner (Final stage in the game)

Single Races

Singles Ruleset / Guide

BRACKETS are held on the Tamer Chat Discord under “Team Sonic Racing” Chat. Players can register 2 hours before the event in the chatroom. ALL Discussions are done privately with your opponents.

  1. IF player is late by 15minutes, they will be disqualified.
  2. IF a player disconnects during a match, the computer will take their place for that match and that player will receive the amount of points that the computer takes. The player will resume the room the following game, but will be DQ'd if they don't appear within 5minutes when called.
  3. IF the lobby shuts down, everyone's points will be resuming from the last game and will just continue the set when the new room is available. 

Bracket Formula

- Round 1 is a Room of 12 Players, Team Race OFF, Expert Mode, NO AI

- IF one side of the bracket has less than 7 players, the top seeded players will have a “bye” and advance for free to Round 2 In order to keep 2 sides of the bracket at at least 7 players

- 4 Races (BO1)

- Single Elimination

- Top 6 Players advance to Round 2

- Round 2 will merge the 6 players from each side of the bracket to 12 players.

- Top 6 Advance to Semi-Finals (Round 3)

- Top 4 Advances to Finals (Round 4)

- Finals will be 2/3 (8 Races)


- Round 1: Wisp Circuit, Ocean View, Roulette Road, Boo’s House

- Round 2: Whale Lagoon, Mother’s Canyon, Pinball Highway, Hidden Volcano

- Round 3: Ice Mountain, Doctor’s Mine, Bingo Party, Market Street

- Finals: Sky Road, Sand Road, Frozen Junkyard, Lost Palace,

Clockwork Pyramid, Haunted Castle, Wisp Circuit, Sky Road

The Player with the most points in Finals will win the tournament.

Power Rankings Information / Seeding Information

  1. Power Ranking will include a Ranking list for the best players in the community.
  2. There will only be a power ranking for SINGLES since in 3 on 3, teams constantly change
  3. Power Rankings will include 10 of the best players from both Singles, and 3 on 3.
  4. Power Rankings will effect the seeding for tournaments
  5. Power Rankings will be a wins ratio based system, adding your results together to find an average of what number you are on the PR (Power Ranking)
  6. Results for the PR will be taken from Bi-Weeklies, Tournaments, and your Ranking online.

7) There will be 1 Major Team Sonic Racing Tournament held every 6 months to boost your rankings, and to give players a chance to win pot bonuses, and prizes.

If any questions, contact Kelsy Medeiros (SuperGirlKels#6628) on discord or email at

*** Rules will be adjusted as time goes on with more experience!***

Seeding the brackets are all based on Points: which players have the most points currently in the Power Rankings that are based on wins at tournaments and points during races at the weeklies, and events.