From 2016, SGK has received amazing opportunities to speak publicly for social media, press, articles and more to inspire and reach out to gamers around the world to continue to pursue their passions. Here are SGK's BEST Interviews!


Video Interviews

PUMA Sonic the Hedgehog footwear Release Party

Mixed Red Show Interview

Genesis 5 - Interview about my Future Smash with Kieran!

Unique Video Interview with Smash Chat's EdonCouch ! 

Podcast with MindGames speaking about SGK's story with Depression, conquering anxiety and her road to  where she is today!

The Phenomenal EE himself Interviews SGK as her rise in the Smash Community progresses! 

Smash 4 Weekly: After a 2 month break after personal issues, SGK fights back and wins her first stacked weekly. (March 2016) This later leads to SGK's rise with Lan ETS, Apex, Shine and more.

Comicon 2016 - SGK Takes home GOLD at Montreal's Comicon 2016! 

One of Canada's most important events, SGK takes home a close 1st place - 2nd while still winning doubles with Canadian champ. Holy!

Interview with BiddyLP's!

SuperGirlKels Begins her Competitive Adventure, Watch her FIRST Interview after her upsets at the event coming home with 5th place!