Back in 2013, SGK began her adventure with Content Creation on Youtube! Since then, it has developed from Games to Music, Skits, and more! Here are the current Projects on the channel!

Recent Project

- SuperGirlKels Vs. ESAM - Smash 4 PGR Challenge

Current Playthrough

- Currently playing through Shadow the Hedgehog on Gamecube! 

- every week! View the "Schedule" to tune in!

NEXT Playthrough!

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MOST Recent Video: EMG | SuperGirlKels Vs. PG | ESAM - PGR Challenge


Smash 4

From the beginning, Smash has been a huge part of the SGK community: Catch content on training, Match up Analysis, Smash 4 Challenges requested be YOU, Tutorials and more

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In 2014, SGK decided to start taking you guys on a journey with her to experiences like no other! Join her on her adventures, experience the lessons learned, and the memories made along the way

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Been random uploads since 2010, music is SGK's greatest passion! With Danger Zone and Liberty Walk released in 2012 & 2013 - There are only plans awaiting for 2018's confirmed music to arrive! Check out the beginning of it all, and stay up to date on what's to come!

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The Most Popular series by far on the Channel. After the release of "E3 2014 Reaction Video" audiences joined together in laughs, fear, and even confusion but yet weren't able to keep their curiosity away from how SGK will react next. All reactions are completely LIVE, no rehearsals, with little editing.

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100% Reviews

A more professional turn, starting in 2015 after SGK completes the main playthrough on Twitch - she then analyzes in debt from Gameplay to Graphics, Music, Story in the world of Video Games! View the opinions and thoughts as a DEV at Ubisoft!

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Twitch Highlights

Every Wednesdays starting in 2017, SGK has begun to stream on Twitch! Playing through games of your choice 100%! At the end of every playthrough, highlights of your favourite moments are posted onto Youtube. Stay tuned on Twitch every Mondays 6:30PM EST and Mondays 1:30PM EST! Highlight videos posted after the game is completed.

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