Coaching Sessions

in 2020, SGK began coaching lessons! You can now learn from one of Canada's top players, and the world! 

Players will be on a call with SGK (PRIVATELY) through Discord or Phone. for the paid session time. 

- You MAY ask for lessons and coaching for what you want to work on. Anything you need, Kels will do her best to help.

- IF unsure, SGK can provide the following:

- Neutral

- Approaching

- Spacing

- Edge Guarding

- Combo Help

- Defence Play

- Pressure

- Plats VS Flats (Stages)

- Counterpicks

- Matchups

- Reviewing Vods

- Note Taking

- Aggression

- Mindeset

- Commentary

SuperGirlKels will provide NOTES in a document for the player to work on towards their goals independently based on their lesson time at the end of the session. Clients may also continue to speak with SGK regarding questions, and help for future goals. 


- $10.00 per hour (Your location currency)

- SGK also accepts half an hour lessons ($5.00)

- PayPal or eTransfer Pre-Payment in advance to

- Document Notes are distributed by Email after the lesson within the hour

- Discord is mandatory for calls 


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RESUME for Qualifications 

- #100 PGR Player of all time in Super Smash Bros. Wii U

- #3 Canada's Best Players of all time in Super Smash Bros. Wii U

- #6 Montreal Power Rankings Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

- #21 Canada Rankings Smash Ultimate

- 2 Time winning champion LAN ETS 

- GOML 2018 B Tier Doubles Champion Smash 4 Wii U

- 90+ Times - Top 8 Majors/Regionals Smash Ultimate / Smash Wii U

- 25 Time Champion Smash Ultimate / Smash Wii U

- Commentator for Nintendo , Lazarus eSports

- Brand Ambassador for Nintendo (2019-Present)

- RedBull Partner (2017-Present)

- Sponsored by Tier-1 Lazarus eSports (2019-Present)

- Partnered on Youtube with Screenwave Media (2018-Present)

- Top 5 Ranked Sonic Worldwide - Smash Ultimate / Smash 4 Wii U

- Top Canada Ranked Sonic - Smash Ultimate / Smash 4 Wii U

- Top 5 Ranked Kirby Worldwide - Smash Ultimate

- Top Canada Ranked Kirby - Smash Ultimate