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Stash Tab in Path of Exile: A great help to the player

Posted by [] on October 15, 2020 at 10:00 PM

Why PoE Currency Stash Tab Worth It?


1. Hold all your currency. In default, you only have 4 tabs. Buy a PoE currency stash tab for your account and you can store 5000 of many currency types. All the currency items are stored by their category. You can find them easily.


2. It can sell your currency easily. Only the public tab can be indexed by tools such as PoE Trade. PoE currency tab can be listed as public, allowing an item to integrate with community trade tools. Therefore, you can sell currency items easily and fast.


3. Poe currency stash tab price. Normally, the price is 75 points. Now, the PoE currency stash tab is for sale and the price is 60 points. $10 is worth 100 points in the Path of Exile.


4. The free space. It is very useful for flipping currency items. For example, you can put 5K Perandus coins in only one stash slot.


Path of Exile is not a pay-to-win game. For your playing convenience and supporting Path of Exile, you can buy PoE Currency Tab.

The Future of Stash Tabs

1. Tab Folders

You'll be able to create tab folders (for free), which can contain other tabs. This lets you easily group related tabs together, hide empty ones you don't want cluttering the list, and so on.

2. Tab Affinities

You'll be able to tick a checkbox on one of each type of your Currency, Map, Essence, Divination, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Blight, Metamorph and Delirium Tabs, to indicate that that Tab should receive items that are Ctrl+Clicked from the inventory. This intentionally would not work with other items (such as rares you have picked up), as those require attention to identify and consider them.

3. Every league has a specific Stash Tab

Stash Tabs are one of the keystones to funding for development and GGG will continue to develop them in future. However, with league content, their policy is now that any items that are essential for progression in the league (e.g. Seeds from Harvest, Azurite from Delve, or Contracts from Heist) will have their own dedicated storage system in that league. Any rewards from a league (e.g. Blight Oils and Delve Fossils) can be put into their own purchasable Stash Tab or any regular Stash Tab you already own.


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