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Super Mario 3D World - 100% Reviews

Posted by Kelsy on June 26, 2020 at 3:20 PM

A Different Perspective 

A Super Mario 3D World 100% Completionist Review by: Kelsy "SuperGirlKels" Medeiros

Console: Wii U

Playtime: 25 Hours



Super Mario 64 back in the late 90’s was known to revolutionize 3D gaming as it introduced the world to how 3D adventure and platformers would be played out for the future. As the years have gone on, Mario has brought out 3D sequels to the classic revolution as new ways to aspire 3D platforming. On every next gen console, there was a new 3D Mario game that the world prayed day and night for until it was delivered. 64 had Mario 64, Gamecube had Sunshine, while Wii had Galaxy. The biggest shock came when Nintendo took this style of 3D and put it on a portable console. Nintendo’s newest portable at the time called the Nintendo 3DS was to emphasize 3D gaming as the technology has advance tremendously. They wanted to create a 3D Mario game for the console to show the portable power of the 3DS. Super Mario 3D Land was beloved by millions of 3DS fans, who wished a sequel would arrive… fortunately they did not have to wait too long as the Wii U was missing it’s 3D Mario title… incoming Super Mario 3D World.




Nintendo took a step away from the typical Mario 3D game here. Where usually, Princess Peach would be kidnapped by Bowser leaving Mario on his quest to finding her and stopping Bowser through unique and challenging worlds. The concept is the same here in 3D World where of course, Bowser is up to his schemes of kidnapping and prisoning 6 mystical creatures with power to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but this time… he doesn’t need Peach. In fact, not only Mario is out to stop Bowser’s plans… but this time he has his friends joining the adventure! Nintendo has created a 4 player co-op platformer and adventure game for the entire family to join! Play as either Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad who all contain special unique abilities similar to Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. Mario is all around great, and as the character you know him to be good at et everything! Luigi may be slippery, but jumps incredibly high. Peach uses her floating ability for an extra second to get to places her partners can’t. And Toad? Blue Toad… to be more precise is the fastest character by far who attracts to speed runners and those who desire more challenging gameplay. With the four teaming up, the party is bound to be crashed and ruin Bowser’s day!





As Mario’s first HD adventure, since the Nintendo Wii U marks Nintendo’s first console to have 1080P HD output in graphics… this is a gorgeous and detailed game… but honestly it isn’t impressive to me. Looking at camera angles, details and animations from previous 3D Mario games… it just seems that the past was way better. This was a super important moment for Nintendo to blow the world away with their new HD look and I feel it was a huge slip up and may be apart of the reasons that the Wii U failed. The game is colourful, and sharp of course… but that’s about it. It’s the same backgrounds we’ve seen. Character animations are boring and characters feel as if they have no personality. There’s no sense of story, and details and textures on grass, walls, and so much more are missing. The most important features especially regarding camera freedom in these wide adventure platformers and shadows under characters to see where characters are placed in a lively world is missing. The graphics feel rushed, and shows the true insides of the Wii U that proves that maybe it wasn’t all powerful. It’s a disappointing feature, as Nintendo always seems to nail the park when it comes to being vibrant, beautiful and detailed by putting all of their efforts in all categories for gamers everywhere.


Music / Sound Effects:


Something that Nintendo has hit out of the park though is the soundtrack and sound effects. The game is naturally super fun, and you know the atmosphere of the level that you are about to play just by it’s soundtrack. Of course, there aren’t many different songs which is usual and predictable in a Mario title as day time levels, night, swimming, and space levels or speed running and chasing levels have their own themes which reoccurs here in 3D World. But every track welcomes friends and families to challenge what is ahead and makes everyone feel they are entitled to challenge the level their on. It also creates an amazing laugh and chaotic adventure for friends that may decide who’s true friends at the end of the level haha! As for someone who has played this game not only in co-op, but also in single player… I truly always felt welcomed and ready to play by the music. Sound effects were just as good then collecting power ups, using them, jumping and hitting enemies. Not to mention collecting coins, jumping and skipping through levels and diving into large worlds of water always had me sucked into the game. Sounds are used from previous Mario games, but also remixed and done to make the Wii U’s 3D world to feel familiar, yet new.


Level Design:


There are 93 stages in Super Mario 3D world, and every single one feels diverse, difference, fresh, unpredictable and fun. The first 3 worlds are incredibly easy which in all honesty was starting to make me frustrated. I didn’t want to be playing a kid’s family friendly game. Mario has deep down always been about mastering levels and adventures as levels would progressively get more and more challenging. I was getting concerned as I was achieving world 4 and still not finding any challenges. Levels were often handing me out a lot of power ups, and the game never felt fast or pressuring for me to worry about…… until I did reach world 4. I don’t know if there was a switch that was turned on at Nintendo or what during production… but someone signed something that would say World 4 is torture mode. The levels were just about to get insane. The rest of the games contained levels where collectables needed to be quick under a certain amount of time, platforming became strict, and I was beginning to lose lives every few levels. Be careful what you wish for… but wow was I so happy. I finally felt like my platforming skills were being put to the test… but unfortunately even with all the lovely surprises that were waiting for me in every stage… the physics and camera angles quickly took the fun away. Due to the angles of camera that isn’t freely controlled, it was very hard to determine strict jumps, landings…. It was so frustrating that sometimes I couldn’t make the simplest of jump because the game showed one then when I was truly somewhere else. Shadows weren’t clear either, so if I wanted to really focus on where I was using it which is a technique platformers use… I just couldn’t rely on it because it was inaccurate and was never consistent on showing up. I completed over 500 times about the 3D and 95% of my lives lost were caused by simple jumps that I couldn’t make out visually. The physics of jumps, speed and momentum too are completely off making it hard to really enjoy the level design that was offered. I truly think this was some of the best level design in Mario history, as every exploration and collectable was rewarded through challenging yourself in new levels every time. But because of the following gameplay complaints… it was just so hard to really enjoy it to it’s perfection. One thing that did upset me with the level design was the specific levels in each world where you HAD to use the gamepad. The gamepad being touch screen, and even having a microphone had the team create unique levels where you would use the gamepad’s features to get through certain levels. Some levels, some blocks would need to be touched while other drapes had to be spread open. Some levels you had to blow into your microphone to make it across enemies and platforms. I wasn’t really a fan of these levels since the Gamepad isn’t exactly my favourite cup of tea as the gamepad is heavy, clunky and isn’t comfortable to play a platformer like this on. Though luckily, this was specifics and I understand that as Mario, the power of the Wii U had to be noticed and shown to the world , and inspire new gamers.





The game works, and has no bugs in any way. Mario and the gang just…. Feels weird. The game…. feels… weird. It’s off. It’s not Mario. I’ve always been used to 3D Mario games having him quick on jumps, with quick landings as angles were freely expressed and calculated through experience and challenges. In this game…. The characters move slowly… the characters are slow floaty that it takes a second or two just to land from a simple jump giving much time to angle yourself, and mess up jumps. There was no triple jump… or techniques that we were brought up with from Sunshine and 64.. or even Galaxy. Yes there was wall jumping and back flipping… even crouch jumping… but. Besides that… the gameplay felt like it was simple… toooo simple. I’m disappointed. It truly felt like Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES but the sequel, here nothing from the history of Mario was implemented but that specific game having this title miss out on a lot of big opportunities that the Wii U needed to hit it with. I mentioned in the level design that though it was perfect, the camera angles were so awkward and not strictly above the character which made it so hard to see where you were at times. Details under the character made it hard to view your angles and perfect timing jumps for challenges… the characters man. The characters are SO SLOW. I understand, Nintendo wants to introduce gaming to families, friends who can easily pick up this game. But not even they find it fun moving across the street as fast as a turtle. Games love the speed, they love the action,. The rush with a hint of challenge. Everything handed to them, will only have them not enjoy or even feel the need to go back to the game. This is how it was for me growing up at least. The game strictly got very challenging too at such a random pace. I was mentioning that the first 3 worlds were extremely easy, which is fact. But once you got to world Bowser? Everything just turned up to 200 degrees. There was no preparation for what was to come it was like an off and on switch on an oven ready to burn you alive. Now don’t get me wrong, the game is damn fun. Who doesn’t love smacking and completing levels as Mario mastering all opportunities and challenges. It’s just the controls… the way the game feels is completely off. The game is called Super Mario ——> 3D WORLD <—— yet the 3D is so poorly done that it should have never been the title. In Super Mario 3D World I had to complete not only the 7 worlds and bonus worlds… but also to find hidden collectables such as 1 stamp hidden in every level and 3 green stars also hidden in every level. There are bonus stages in each world such as ? Levels where you must go in a series of quick tasks of platforming or enemy bashing within a certain amount of time to collect a star. There’s also Captain Toad’s level where you must take control of the gamepad and explore with Captain Toad to collect all stars around a level in a box-like level using the analogs on the gamepad to see different views, puzzles, and more to get from point A to point B. This is one of the funnest things to do in the game, and was so beloved by many that it even inspired it’s own series now known as the Captain Toad Treasure Tracker series that was both on 3DS, Wii U, and now on Nintendo Switch. Content is truly what is offered at most here in Super Mario 3D World. Not only do you have to worry about completing every level which gets extremely hard by the bonus levels.. but there are the collectables I mentioned while also needing to climb the top of the goal’s flag pole in EVERY level. To 100%, you MUST get to the TOP (gold) on every level at least once to consider it completed. Not to mention, there are 5 characters in this game where Rosalina is unlocked at the beginning of the first bonus world (her unique Mario Galaxy shake / twist to knock out enemies return as her special which also gives her a special jump). You must complete all levels with all characters which can get repetitive and boring very quick. Luckily while on stream, my viewers warned me of a great trick to get all characters on the pole at once using 4 controllers. This was extremely easier, as I only had to play through the entire game twice where Toad would just speed by every level at almost Sonic speeds. It was actually so fun to play this game twice where the first time was me exploring and conquering challenges then the second, is me using my newly found skills to see just how fast can I get to the end of every level. It really felt like a perfect combination of the 3D Mario we love, and the 2D Mario classics that we would brag about to our friends about our times. Overall as the game was amazing and so recommended to complete, I can’t help but have a bad taste in my mouth over the mistakes that costed me so much fun and joy during my playtime.


Road to 100%

- Complete the Main Story

- Collect all Green Stars

- Complete all bonus levels

- Complete all Captain Toad stages

- Collect all Stamps

- Reach the top of the flag pole on every level

- Complete all 3 Bonus worlds

- Unlock Rosalina

- Complete all 3 Bonus Worlds

- Reach the flagpole with ALL characters




Super Mario 3D World may have some flaws regarding it’s 3D… physics engine… and graphics. But that doesn’t mean it’s a must have as your Wii U’s main representative. It’s an icon and for sure, the most unique 3D Mario to date that offers a gameplay for everyone including kids, family members and hardcore completionists. It offers challenges and exciting moments that will get you and your friends laughing and screaming over. Nintendo truly had an amazing time designing every level from the ground up, and finding new ways to pleasure us with the biggest of surprises. It’s a collection item that should be conquered and completed by all and can only be truly appreciated when reaching the Champion’s Road. GOOD GAMES



+ Level Design

+ Replay Value

+ Multiplayer

+ Characters

+ Collectables

+ New Ideas

+ Easy to play, Hard to complete

- Physics

- 3D perspective

- Graphic Details


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