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Luigi's Mansion 3 - 100% Reviews

Posted by Kelsy on April 5, 2020 at 9:15 PM

A Guide on How to Revolutionize a Series

A 100% Completionist Review by Kelsy "SuperGirlKels" Medeiros

Nintendo Switch


55 Hours Total Playtime

October-March 2020



When Luigi’s Mansion first released in 2001, it instantly became a classic and revolutionary item in Nintendo’s iconic collection of games. There wasn’t really like anything this out there… An adventure open world game in a Mansion? With Mario’s brother Luigi? Fighting off ghosts? It was something that sounded like a horror film featuring bob the builder or something… But it worked. When the game was first introduced and seen.. it was during E3’s announcement for the Nintendo Gamecube. Glimpses of games were shown and Luigi being one of them but without Mario. So at first, players were confused and didn’t know to confirm this as a Mario game or not. But finally, Luigi’s Mansion was announced leaving fans confused and questioned Nintendo’s approach to the generation of the 2000’s. It wasn’t just with Luigi’s Mansion you see… it was a whole bunch of games getting weird “knockoffs” as they called them or side games such as Zelda’s new cartoonish look… Star Fox on foot…. And Mario needing a water pump to travel. But all changed when every one of these games released, including Luigi’s Mansion except this was the game that spawned and inspired sequels, merchandise, spin offs, mini games and more. After Luigi’s Mansion 2, it seemed the series was done and it really didn’t seem anything was going to come out of the 2nd…. But as the Nintendo Switch kept dropping game after game announcement blowing fans away in Directs back in 2018…. Luigi’s Mansion 3 turned out to be one of the big surprises that everyone was more than excited for. It promised to return back to it’s roots while bringing the game into a modern age adding more exploration, bigger quests and badder ghosts while introducing of course, new features to Luigi’s arsenal to use against his foes. With all the hype, constant announcements, demos, and advertisements… as someone who’s all time favourite game is Luigi’s Mansion 1… I had extremely high hopes for this. Let’s see if they were too high… of if Nintendo exceeded past my limits sending me into heaven.




The story is somewhat simple, while at the same time .. supplies some of the best story telling, and character development. Princess Peach receives an invitation to a vacation package at a luxurious hotel and is able to invite 4 friends along: Luigi, Mario, and two Toads! Upon arrival, Hellen Gravely: the owner of the hotel who is just as luxurious as the location, welcomes the gang and helps them check into their rooms and settle in. When Luigi arrives to his room he decides to take a nap with his trusty returning ghostly friend: Polterpup! Though, in the middle of the night he waken to screams of terror… and a sudden… very… different look to the hotel. It was dark, cold, dusty, and… haunted. Luigi grabs his flashlight to check out what the scream was about as he finds himself in front of the hotel owner and King Boo who has turned his friends into paintings .. and is looking to complete his collection with Luigi in it! Luigi immediately begins to run away and finds himself down the laundry basket to escape to the basement floor. As he gets himself out of the shorts covering his face…. Luigi finds himself a new mission: to find his brother, friends, and to escape this haunted hotel that was a trap for him and the gang. Luckily, he has his Poltergust 3000 giving him high hopes of accomplishment!


Through out the story, emotion and reward is constantly shown through cutscenes. They are extremely lively having tons of emotion from Luigi and the cast. There isn’t just a few cutscenes playing every so often.. there are TONS to make sure you stay on your toes as to what’s happening with the story. Luigi of course, doesn’t have dialog and there’s no actual words coming out of the rest of the cast, but dialog is shown as personality develops through each character at every scene. It’s presented with such colour and vibrance to the atmosphere that you feel like you’re playing a movie, instead of a video game. And even with the lack of words, you really feel that instead of watching.. that you are instead inside of Luigi and feeling every bit of emotion as he does while experiencing everything by his side. This is some of the best story telling Nintendo has done yet on switch with Breath of the Wild. So much passion has been given to the story and what’s really cool about the cutscenes is that it uses the in game renders because they were confident in showing just how much emotion and detail that the graphics were able to give. But we’ll discuss graphics in the next paragraph!





Continuing with the graphics, WOW. Detail is at every turn in Luigi’s Mansion 3. From Luigi’s model himself… his emotions of course showing just how scared or comfortable he is at ever turn brings out your own emotions. You feel Luigi’s fear as you’re moving forward. His legs shiver as he moves and he stands still as ghosts are sneaking behind while he shivers from head to toe. Each floor in the hotel has references, detail, color, items, secrets and more to make the game feel full and like no matter where you go, there’s constantly something to do. There was hours where I would just stand in the same room hunting all secrets and collectables that were sneaking out of walls and the floor because of how clear everything was to see. The lighting, colours, darkness and reflections matching the shadows bring out the theme of ghost hunting, fear, but family fun from the game. It’s the perfect take and idea that you can tell the team has designed since the beginning that was finally able to come out with the design of their dreams. Back to the cutscenes, because of the technology and passion now in the team’s hand, they were able to provide such a a realistic story approach to the audience from the game, and in return really created something special to remember as years go on with story telling.




In any game that involves collecting, sound effects are a top priority. The need for collecting and finding every treasure to gather is only worth when it feels worth it through your ears. Listening to the sound and feeling that reward come to you like it makes a difference is what makes gaming so fun. Collecting Mario rings, Sonic rings, Kirby 1 ups.. these are all amazing examples of feeling so rewarded for constantly collecting. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is one these cases that provides sounds that fill your ears with enjoyment and addiction as you collect coins, gold bars, dollar bills. Pearls and gems. You are also constantly rewarded for collecting these which is another bonus I will discuss later. Every sound effect feels so great, and only motivates the player to keep collecting more even when the achievement has already been reached… it’s that fun

The music in the series has always seemed to have been experimenting with new sounds with Nintendo’s constant changing inspirations. The first outing of the series is considered the best by mixing horror deep base themes and an iconic theme song played throughout the game that stays with you even after completion.. and maybe in your nightmares. But even then, it was never really scary as you get older you start to appreciate that sound instead of getting scared of it. Though Nintendo didn’t feel so, and really turned down the “horror” theme in Luigi’s Mansion 2 by representing a theme that’s very kid friendly and more inviting. In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the theme is changed once again and though it is a bit more true to it’s classic… it still remains unclear as to what style Nintendo wants to go through with the music. It’s inconsistent in terms of if it wants to scare me or if the game wants me to laugh.. which bothers me. I feel like I’m supposed to be scared, why am I laughing? Because it’s Nintendo? Scare me! Besides that though, the orchestrated sounds mixing with themes from different floors such as pirates, disco, naturistic and more all match the environment’s music as it should. The writers and producers saw the gameplay and really go to create sounds and music based on what the game looked like instead of the other way around, which is a really important task for a gaming team. I do love the song while catching ghosts, as the violins and other instruments speed up as you continue to wrestle with the ghosts being captured by your vacuum. The music isn’t bad, it isn’t mind-blowing, but it works. And it’s damn great especially if you don’t compare it to the first game, I feel would be appreciated even more.




Level Design has become some of the hardest parts of construction a video game to being good, and fun at the same time. It takes a lot of thinking, design, creativity and passion in order to find different and original gameplay ideas for the players to explore and enjoy from beginning to end. Luigi’s Mansion was known to be the best in the adventure /. Exploration meta even with the simplicity of just going from room to room with not many differences until later levels. Luigi’s Mansion 3 promised to return to the roots of the first game by having the open world exploration of the full mansion (hotel) in comparison to the level select from the 2nd game that most people complained about. The game said to be bigger than ever, and has kept it’s word by showing this hotel and including any vacation idea that a family can have within the hotel…. Except it’s all haunted. Luigi’s Mansion 3 crafts each level from the ground up. They must have hired real construction workers who have designed each floor as if it’s really connected in real life. The basement of course is boiler and basement with indoor parking as well as the laundry room while the kitchen, diner, shopping strips and lobby are found on the first. As you explore each 15 floors through the elevators you will find the craziest ideas Nintendo has put into this game… that would only work in the world of Luigi. Deserted pyramids leading to haunted and trapping tombs… disco party dance floors…. Film production and movie theatre horrors… Jurassic park turns to real life and chases you in their bones…. And more. It never ends having surprises at every floor with fresh bosses all needing new ways to take them down each time, while exploring every turn and every room to make sure that you did not miss any secrets. Not only are you overwhelmed by how different every turn is without a pattern in sight, but you have to pay attention to the cracks in the walls.. or the sewers that you can access… or hidden furniture placements containing secrets and collectables. I spent hours and hours in the same rooms and re exploring them afterwards to be sure that I did not miss anything… and I still did. Just when I thought I found everything, there were actually more places I didn’t find then places that I actually did. It takes a time machine to have enough time to be able to see everything with the naked eye, and thank god we live in a world of tutorials and guides or else I’d still be playing and collecting today.




Luigi controls just as you’d imagine him to except he’s been highly improved and equipped with new features to welcome you to the 3rd entry in the series to feel fresh and new. Luigi doesn’t sharply, meaning he needs to make turns as you move the analog stick from one end to the other which was never like this before, but adds a more realistic and “slippery” vibe that Luigi has always been known for. It takes mastering his movement to be able to have the control when catching ghosts. Luigi now moves faster when walking, and he speeds up eventually even running depending on distance of constant movement. The Poltergeist 3000 has also been upgraded by E GADD of course with new techniques that revolutionize the way it’s played! It’s the simple and familiar controls that you know… flash your light with the A button onto a ghost… and vacuum them in. That’s the simple and straight forward way to play. But as you advance in the game there will be stronger enemies, obstacles, puzzles and traps in which Luigi must use his strobe bulb to uncover hidden objects that are invisible from ghosts, and restoring them to their original state. This includes hidden rooms, doors, gems, furniture, paintings and more! New features involve the Plunger Shot! Which , referring to Luigi being a plumber… finally. Luigi can shoot plungers from his vacuum! This can be used to stick, and pull on objects and items. This can take gear such as shields away from ghosts, brea down walls, or push and throw furniture around which can uncover loads of collectables, and secrets! Finally, the main seller of the game is the new entry of Gooigi: EGADD’s newest invention who Luigi can summon from his vacuum. Luigi can act as a 2nd player if controlled by second joy con , which works really well and speeds up the progress big time! It’s also flawless without any delay or interruptions between players as they work together to conquer the game. If in single player, Gooigi will be your main control as Luigi sleeps in standstill. As Gooigi, you’re able to play as bait since you are invincible against enemies in which Luigi can then take advantage of, or you can use Gooigi to goo his way through corners, sewers and pipes to uncover gems, hidden rooms and more! The only weakness he has… is water. Of course right? But luckily, our trusty Luigi is able to deal with that which creates a huge dynamic of possibilities in creativity for stages and puzzles that Luigi and Gooigi must solve together. Switching between these two learn to be mastered quick by knowing who can do what, and when. It’s really cool how the game designers constantly mix up every room between running through, conquering ghosts, finding secrets, and solving puzzles just to make it out to the other side! Luigi’s Mansion 3 doesn’t stop at the story, you have tons to do meanwhile such as focusing on ALL 53 achievements to complete, 90 gems to collect (6 on every floor that are uniquely designed to match the environment of the floor you’re on) that are extremely hard to find. There are also of course, 16 boos hidden around the hotel that you must find and capture (a Luigi’s Mansion class return!) This time though, there are way less boos and they are much easier to catch with the help of the strobe bulb and it’s nicce that now your boo won’t escape between walls causing a constant Chase that can last forever (LM1). Once done, you’re still not DONE. Guess what? Nintendo FINALLY breaks the curse of an amazing single player experience, and taking it online! In scarescraper mode, you and 3 other Luigis (around the world or locally) must work together to fight boos, solve puzzles, avoid traps, and gather collectables before the time runs out to make it through each floor of the hotel until you reach the roof to fight the giant Boolosis (returning from Luigi’s mansion 1). There are also achievements in scare scraper in which you must grind out for some Time. Luckily though, the servers are extremely active and I had no trouble at all finding any players to play with during my 55 hour run 6 months after the game’s release. Luigi’s Mansion 3 has received DLC as well including new powers, costumes and content within the scare scraper mode. I also am pleased to say that I played with people across the world, and did not experience any lag once. The game ran smoothly at 60 frames without any input delay! It was as smooth as a kite and makes me wonder why other games on Switch can’t get this treatment… The servers are. Incredible stable, and even missions regarding collecting an amount of money that would spawn items everywhere wouldn’t even slow down the game once. Finally as you achieve everything there is to do, you are actually rewarded for 100% Luigi’s Mansion 3 with a A rank hotel built to your name, and a Gold Poltergust 3000 model! It’s a great trophy to have as you worked your butt off through our the hotel not only saving your friends, but going through this magical experience that is so rare to find these days not only online.. but offline as well. The game has kept busy for months and months and because of how active it is online? I just may continue to play with friends at parties, and people across the globe.


ROAD TO 100%

- Complete the Main Story 

- Earn A Rank in Hotel at end of the Game

- Collect all 90 Gems

- Capture all 16 boos

- Complete all 53 achievements

- Complete the 20 floor challenge on Scarescraper




Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a must play on anyone’s Nintendo Switch. It shows the power of the console in terms of creativity, design, emotion, and online potential. It’s fun, gives you constant laugh, and replay value that will satisfy your gaming needs for years to come. It’s a true classic that has been revamped and earned it’s right as the best in the series in every possible way minus the music. It ends on a clear note that the series can continue, and in which I hope so. The story shows character building for Luigi and the rest of the cast, as the level design builds upon every floor you reach. Gameplay mechanics change and feel fresh yet familiar and exciting to learn as you advance and improve as a ghost buster. Amazing job Nintendo , thank you for my all time favourite Switch game … so far.



+ Online

+ Story

+ Gameplay

+ Level Design

- May take loads of grinding to achieve certain achievements. (Hours)


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