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Yoshi's Crafted World - 100% Reviews

Posted by Kelsy on September 11, 2019 at 10:45 PM

A Massive Adventure 

Reviewed by Kelsy "SuperGirlKels" Medeiros on Nintendo Switch

Hours: 45 Hours to Complete


Ever since Super Mario World on the NES in the early 90's, one of everyone's favourite features about the new and improved Mario wasn't only the new graphics or personality given to the world of Mario... but the characters were given a whole new look while introducing new characters as well. The newest and most advertised (even on that box art) was Yoshi, who quickly became everyone's favourite partner in crime in Mario. Yoshi was used to eat, to slam enemies that Mario couldn't handle, travel along spikes and he was able to have abilities that made the game feel like an entirely new game on it's own. This own unique playstyle inspired the future for Yoshi, as not only a sidekick to Mario, but also as the hero with his own adventures on Yoshi's Island which was also a game that released shortly as Super Mario World 2. As the years have gone on, Yoshi has had his adventures some were remembered to be some of the best platformers in history while others... probably some of the worst. 2015's "Yoshi's Wooly World" was one of the most praised Yoshi games to date with some even calling it one of the best platformers of all time with replay value,a look that no one else can replicate and do better than Yoshi himself, the gameplay was fun, and it was in co-op. Now to the present, Nintendo puts out a trailer for Yoshi's Crafted World back in 2017, and after years of delays and no word on how the game was doing, fans were worried for the title's future. But in March 2019, we finally got our hands on Yoshi's Crafted World on Switch, the sequel to Yoshi's Wooly World, and as a sequel I expect it to be everything that was Wooly World, but better. Let's find out if that was the case.



On Yoshi's Island, the humble Yoshi are living at peace, dreaming of all things that Yoshi loves! It's a great day on the island full of fun and laughter until of course... a certain spoiled turtle had to spoil the fun. Bowser JR and Kamek are after dreams of their own which includes stealing the Sundream Stone, a stone that contains 5 dream stones that can grant any wish to the one who pocesses it which is made to grant peace to Yoshi's Island. JR and Bowser steal the stone, but the Yoshi fight back and after pushing and shoving, the stone loses all of it's gems! It's a race against Bowser JR and Kamek as the Yoshi have their next adventure to find the 5 gems first, and restore them all to the Sundream Stone before they got the power of wishes in their hands!

The story is perfect for a platformer, travel from point A to B to collect and stop the enemies from achieving domination! 5 Gems are to collect here which you can imagine means there will be 5 bosses to hunt down, which may not seem like a lot until you include everything this game has to offer....


Graphics / Music:

Yoshi's Crafted World is done by Good-Feel studio, the same people who were being the genius Kirby's Epic Yarn and Yoshi's Wooly World. A great team to set up another feel and look to a classic 2D Platfomer. Crafted World's graphics are inspired by ... well... crafts by children! The team takes crafts done by children and imaginations done from all ages and impliments them into the title amazingly. Have you ever been attacked by pencils? I have... it's not fun hahah! There will be shy guys made out of paper cut outs, platforms that are made from Wood or Paper. Everything is done like a beautiful artpiece or village by a 7 year old and it's so awesome. There is so much to look at, and every detail matters. What I mean by that, I will get into it later don't wanna spoil just how much detail there is and I'll save it for the Level Design section.

As for the music though.. I wish I can say the same thing about the music. The music in Yoshi's Crafted World is probably some of the worst music I have ever heard in any video game. It constantly uses flutes to bring ou the "kid" theme of the game. But man is it bad. It's annoying hearing the flute ring ever second and the soundtrack is lazy and overused. Each level tends to use the same song either changed up to match the environment or uses 1-3 other tracks that all just sound bad. I honestly have nothing else to say about the music... It's just not good. and I'm disappointed cuz I tend to really enjoy the new takes Yoshi always does in his new advenures. As for the sound effects though, they're perfectly done. Collecting coins both normal and red are addicting to the point where I wanted to collect every coin I saw in my path when I wouldn't even need it. Jumping onto enemies gave a satisfying sound, groundpounding bosses made me really feel like I was kicking their butt, and smiley flowers make you smile knowing you're one step ahead to completing the game! Throwing eggs as well and aiming give a nice classic Yoshi sound effect that you're familiar with even if you've never even played the older titles (me). They're well done and I hope the soundeffects here are used in the next titles as well!


Level Design:

Yoshi's Crafted World brings a whole new way of playing in 2D to a 3D world. Being able to interact with the background, and foreground while also keeping up with the main course opens up endless possibilities for secrets, exploration, and rewards. The game may look like a typical 2D adventure, but it’s a complete other feel when actually playing it. The game feels quite alive, like real life looking out into the distance and being able to reach that spot. It’s like playing a 2D breath of the wild including the exploration. It’s something unimaginable and can only be played, not explained. As for the design of each level, the game is constantly refreshing with new ideas such as obstacles to avoid, enemies made out of paper cut outs and secret rooms hiding in the background and foreground. There’s areas to reach both high and low that when explored, you are always reward with items or collectables. When it comes to platforming, I’m one to always explore so it’s great that Nintendo Provided such reward and possibility for exploring. You’re never just holding right or left either, you’re constantly jumping going from left to right, up and down and in and out of the backgrounds. You’re dodging obstacles, enemy traps and platforming your way to point B from point A which in reality… is very easy in Yoshi’s Crafted World. Technically, you can run across the entire level and skip everything and complete the level in maybe a minute or so… but when you’re trying to complete everything? That’s when you see how much work and depth has been put into this game.



Yoshi feels just as smooth as he did at his last adventure: Yoshi’s Wooly World. He’s able to eat his enemies, turn them into eggs, aim the eggs, throw the eggs , jump, run, and float across the distance. Yoshi has help from friends such as Poochy and mechanical machinery made from crafts by a 10 year old…. It’s great. Yoshi feels amazing, and when I picked up that controller and started playing levels, or even as Yoshi I was always having so much fun that I never saw the time pass and I never really wanted to stop. The game is fun. The levels are full of life and are so different from each other that I don’t really know what to expect next. It can go from a beautiful forest themed level to a haunted castle that’s scarier than the last horror film I saw… it was so scary I never watched one again (this was in 2012 so…) . ANYWAYS

I think my only big gameplay complaint would have to be how easy the bosses were, how in 3 hits they were just finished… and it was so easy to hit them as well. The team made it quite obvious for when it was time to hit the bosses and when it was time to back off to make it clear for new Yoshi players. BUT have no fear… because you get quite the surprise once you reach the end of the game. For gameplay, get ready.. to play. You have more content than in any other Yoshi game that sometimes I really felt that I was never going to actually complete this game. It took 5 months, but only over 40 hours total. In a level, Yoshi’s goal is to find all the requested Smiley Flowers, collect 20 coins, and complete the level with full health. Once you do this, Poochy pups will come out to play for that level and will want to play hide and seek with you. When accessing that same level, the ENTIRE stages are flipped backwards, and so are the crafts and level design.. it’s really neat to change up the pace and add new mechanics and features to the level going from back to forth while seeing the crafts in another perspective. Always, you must find Poochy’s pups in a certain amount of time to collect even more smiley flowers. When completing an island, (hub world for the game where you can select stages) a robot will appear asking for souvenirs that are scattered across every level both on the flip side with poochy’s pups and the normal stages. Some souvenirs are super easy to find, and to complete the mission you just have to shoot an egg at the souvenir asked… but others are SO hard to find and are so sneakily hidden behind objects, plants and more. You really have to keep an eye out and sometimes I even had to search up a guide to help me since I apparently didn’t keep my eyes wide enough just to find out that the souvenirs were in the most obvious of places… Once Yoshi reaches the end of the game the game will of course.. reward you with even MORE content like boss battles which give you missions during boss fights which are actually extremely touch … so tough that it delayed my review here… and a new hide and seek mission with Sprout, a robot that wants to prove he’s the best hide and seek player ever! You must replay all normal levels looking for Sprout. I ALMOST FORGOT! As you go through the game and travel from island to island, you will run into vending machines where you can deposit coins you have collected in levels to earn Costumes for Yoshi to wear! They all have their own health, look, feel and some even having abilities! IT’s a great feature to have and brings out Yoshi’s personality even more! You also need it for 100%! SO congratulations we finally beat the game… is there such a thing as too much content?! I feel so here… I was okay with the souvenirs… I was also okay with looking for all my poochy’s pups … but keep in mind.. when you’re doing this you take multiple tries in many of these levels. You’re not going to get everything on your first try, not to mention the 20 coins, smiley flowers, and even completing every stage with full health cuz some are pretty tough. So when I got to the end of the game and was told to go back to find Sprout in every level… I wasn’t exactly excited and I found nothing new about it since we just did this with all souvenirs and our pup pals. I was annoyed, it didn’t feel fresh and just felt like the game was starting to drag on. Luckily though, when you do complete this, you do get rewarded for it in which I won’t spoil here. As for the boss battles though, this was for sure the most thrill and probably the best way to end off Yoshi’s Crafted World. Re challenging every boss in the game on a harder level while also completing 3 challenges such as completing the boss in a certain time, is really challenging and took me multiple times. I was only motivated, and when I finally beat that final challenge after the 50+ try.. I popped off so hard my heart was racing. I was never so happy and proud of my green friend! (In this case blue.. since I played as the blue Yoshi…)


Road to 100%:

- Complete the Main Story

- Collect all Smiley Flowers

- Collect all Red Coins

- Have Max Health at the end of all levels.

- Find all of Poochy’s Pups

- Get all Souvenirs for all Islands

- Find Sprout win all Levels

- Collect all Costumes

- Complete all Boss Battle Challenges



Yoshi’s Crafted World isn’t for everyone, but it’s also for anyone who just wants to have a good time and relax with a touch of thrill. Crafted World will keep you busy for hours on end, the multiplayer is fun that I for sure recommend to bring a friend along on your adventure. The secrets and collectibles are only a joy to find and the sense of satisfaction when completing is only rewarding. The music is kind of booty and I can say that playing this game with your own music plugged into your ears is probably way more enjoyable than what the game offers, but you’ll miss out on all the addicting sound effects coming out of the collectables. Every level is different, and filled with excitement and the 3D dynamic of dealing with the background and foreground changes 2D platforming forever.


+ Level Design

+ 3D Perspective changes 2D Platforming

+ Co-op is FUN

+ Replay Value

- Music

- Too much repetitive content


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