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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 100% Reviews

Posted by Kelsy on July 26, 2019 at 10:55 AM


At some point in your life, you have heard about Nintendo: the big giant of gaming, and the reason we are all here today. Imagine your favorite game on Nintend: Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikachu and more but all together in 1 game to fight and prove is the strongest! Super Smash Bros. has been a staple in the fighting game community now for decades. If you enjoy it professionally as a competitor, or for a good time at a party, or even as a game to just complete and enjoy for yourself: there's something for everyone when it comes to Smash Bros. The latest installment Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for switch has come as a BIG surprise since the last title, Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS only released 4 years ago. These games release roughly every 7-8 years. But with the Wii U's failure in sales and the rise of Nintendo's newest console: Nintendo Switch, there needed to be a Smash Brothers ready to represent the console and get everyone together for a smashing time! But is it truly Ultimate? How does it play differently? Is it better or worse than the last titles? Let's get into another 100% Reviews as I 100% complete Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Reviewed by: Kelsy "SuperGirlKels" Medeiros


For the first time since Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008 ) the highly requested "Story Mode" known as the "World of Light" is in Smash Ultimate! As the gaming icons gather together ready to take on a new force known as "Galeem", a massive blow of energy captures all of the Smash cast with only one survivor... Kirby. Kirby manages to escape and when he returns he finds the entire world's population is missing: captured as "spirits" serving Galeem. Now it's up to Kirby to find his friends, free them from being controlled by Galeem, and have  the Smash Bros. reunite and take down Galeem once and for all! 

For this mode, I actually used Kirby the entire story. 1) because I main Kirby alongside Sonic, but 2) because of him being the only character that survived I felt he had to be the hero of the day! and being the creator of the game's creation, I really wanted to enjoy this as my fav puff ball! Of course, you can change characters as time goes on and you unlock the cast. Once you are on your journey, you travel on a mini map finding hundreds of spirits to fight that will all have their own unique special battle rules. Some will be stamina battles, some will be in metal, be as hhot as lava, or cast winds that if you jump.. you just automatically lose... Every spirit also represents some of gaming's best icons such as Toad from Mario, Meta Sonic from Sonic, and more. So you aren't just fighting your smash roster to unlock, but these spirits are as if those characters you always wished to join the cast are present, and the team at Nintendo really does a great job at making their personality, and skill sets match the character the spirit is representing to make it feel like they are in the game. For example, Metal Sonic is a Metal.. well.. Sonic who is heavy, slower, but stronger and has Sonic Boom music in the background. As you fight these spirits, you will also unlock them which have special abilities in which you can apply to your own character to improve their skills. I used Calamity Ganon giving Kirby extreme power on shield and knockback while I used others to improve Kirby's air speed and  more. At times, there would be such high winds that Kirby would be blown away, so I equiped my Snorlax Spirit to make me so heavy I didn't even get close to being pushed, but man was I heavy!

The World of Light is honestly one of the best part of Smash Ultimate. At first, after fighting the 70th spirit I told myself "okay maybe this is getting a bit repetitive..." but as I say that, a boss appears which  I won't spoil for you here, but there are many bosses to fight through world of Light and once you finally reach Galeem, you'll unlock the World of Dark that is controlled by another foe: Darkhon! Both Galeem and him seem to be at war for who will conquer the world: Light, or dark. And this new World of Dark that you unlock is incredible and the best part of the story mode. You will explore Hyrule in a new way, including Dracula's Castle and more. The Final battle as well to end everything off truly is ... Ultimate. Again, I won't spoil it for you, because this is something you need to experience for yourself. 

Overall, World of Light completely blew me away with surprises that I didn't expect at all and offers so much content and surprises including hidden items, and worlds within the world to find. The team worked really hard, and is a feature I ended up loving even more than the Subspace Emissary. Though, I do wish there were more cutscenes to really bring out the World of Light's story. 

Graphics / Music

When I was talking to some people after the first trailer of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's gameplay reveal: a lot of people were saying "oh so it's a port right? " People said this, because the game looks almost identical to it's last game Super Smash Bros. Wii U. and I won't lie, it does. ALL smash games that have ever released all show off a very different artstyle: Smash Bros. Melee had a very colorful but quick look to emphisize the Gamecube's processing power. While Super Smash Bros. Brawl's look went for a more edgy, dark and realistic look. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate uses the same engine as Smash 4 (Smash Wii U) but it's been changed and modified so much that it's an entirely new game. When looking at both games side by side, you can tell the differences. The art style may be the same, but take look at the glow, and detail in stages and characters. Characters have been given new models entirely, and even face expressions to really bring out the personality of each character. I do wish the game had a different artstyle, because that's what I'm used with every new announcement of smash is how it looks, but I was very okay with Smash 4's look especially that it's still so new and not many people got to play the 2014 release of Smash 4. 

As for the music, the team has outdone themselves with over 900 pieces and a theme song that is 10X better than Smash 4. I HATED the soundtrack in Smash 4, I was not a fan at all of the main theme and in fact, I don't even remember it. Smash Ultimate's theme gets into my head, and all tracks have been redone to keep the theme of "lets smash!" including the "not so much fighting music style" music such as the Animal Crossing series and more. Smash Ultimate's music also comes with new features that allows you to really enjoy every track as you wish! Where now, you can access a stage and play ANY song from that series instead of just a few tracks that belong to certain stages of that series in previous titles. You can even set up a playlist on your switch to enjoy songs from everywhere in the game, in your own order, as you please on either shuffle, repeat and more. The other day, I was playing a board game with some of my friends in the basement and we literally had the switch set up, we literally set up a playlist of all of our fav smash songs and played on shuffle while we enjoyed ourselves for 6 hours of the night. It was great whenever a track would pop up and it would give us nostalgia, but also get us so hyped over the new tracks we haven't heard yet. 


SO we know there is so much new features in Ultimate, but everyone really cares about the gameplay when it comes to Smash Bros. So, how does it play? How does it feel? what's new that makes it feel like a new game? Is it better or worse? Smash Ultimate's gameplay is never before SO smooth. Controls have been modified to be more accurate to how the player wants to play in terms of how to use tilts, and movement. Controls are again, fully customizable to have the player feel at home when playing. The game's speed has been increased greatly and each character has been made heavier to get rid of that "floaty" feeling that we wanted improved since Brawl. IT gives a Super Smash Bros. Melee vibe which is the series' most popular title in terms of competitive play that contains fast movement, heavy landing, and tech.  Even directional airdodge has returned from the game but has been motified to where in Melee, if air dodged you were in free fall and couldn't make an option until you landed. In Ultimate, you may air dodge, and you will have lag the size of a tutle, but will get to move again and perform another action as the frame data ends. But now, you may only airdodge once before landing where since Brawl, you can literally spam the air dodge button to escape options. You are now punished for excessive rolling, after rolling more than once in a row, your character will have lag creating openings for opponents to punish. This is to tell the player to use other moves, not spam, and to help the player improve. There is now a "parry" system that isn't that great in comparison to other fighting games, but it's useful against certain moves! To activate, the player must let go of their shield the frame that the opponent hits their shield causing a parry: giving 5 frames in which the player can punish the opponent with. It's not the greatest, since 5 frames isn't enough and most opponents can simply dodge the parried punish after. I personally miss perfect shielding from the staple of Smash Bros, or hope that Parrying can be somehow tweaked in future patches.

SO now that you know that the game plays amazing, there is two things about the gameplay that does bother me: 

1) Shield Stun

2) Buffering System

Shield stun in this game, meaning that when your shield is hit by a move, your time of making another action is very late and you are stuck in your shield giving the opportunity for your opponent to take advantage and punish you even when you've outplayed an aggressive option with a defensive option. Certain characters are far more superior in the game due to this, and the fact they have options out of shield to save them compared to the rest of the cast. 

The buffering system is something most players in the community are currently complaining about, where now if you input something followed by another input, the character will quickly act that 2nd input after which stops player from mashing out of combos, or messing up their recovery which results in many SD's we've seen this year. 

Hopefully Nintendo sees these problems and wants to improve on both of this.

As for features, everything is bigger, greater than ever. Classic Mode's original gameplay is back where each character (75 currently) from the world of gaming must go through 7 stages of fights that are inspired by the character's universe making every character super unique and fun to complete since it's all different including each final boss the character must fight which I won't spoil here! There are also 104 stages that contain 8 new stages (more to come with DLC) , 7 from the original Smash Bros, 19 from Melee, 26 from Brawl, 18 from 3DS, and 18 from Wii U, and 8 that are in both those versions making it the most welcoming smash of all by bringing back all what we loved in the series and appearing in Ultimate. I was SO excited to see Fountain of Dreams, my all time favorite stage back in Smash Ultimate! I literally lost my mind. Stage builder is also back! Where you can create your own stages with more unique ways to make your favorite designs come to life and you can share with your friends! Now in Ultimate, you can not only save your replays, but EDIT them! we've been waiting for this forever so it's great to see that support from the team followed by posting on social media and more. NEW features such as Squad Strike which involves players to play 1 stock with certain characters while switching between them after KO's inspired by Marvel Vs. Capcon is SUPER addicticing and has been a side event at most tournaments. Tourney mode, finally makes a comeback from Brawl where you can make your own tournament with your friends ft. your own rules. Special Smash is back, where you make your own smash game as you want in any shape or form, Mob Smash where you must play gainst 100 Mii fighters with each character practicing your skills as a fighter, All Star Mode has been revamped where instead of traveling in a hub world challenging each character to reach the end, you may now endlessly fight ALL characters in smash in a row as long as you can last before you die. It tests your patience, knowledge and skill! Cruel smash which is just plain cruel where you're knockback is increased by 300% and if a computer touches you, you basically die. How many CPU's can you beat before you die? My record is 6 :"D Finally the newest feature: Spirits Trophies: the most iconic collectable in the smash series has been completely removed and replaced with Spirits where you can collect over 1000 spirits through battles similar to World of Light's style, to complete your collection of spirits. You may also upgrade spirits to make them stronger improving your own skillset and more. It's really fun to do on a spare time and new spirits are constantly being updated into the game from the team. 

Sadly, we're at the worst part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate... Online

The most IMPORTANT feature of a fighting game has been completely destroyed. Nintendo's newly paid membership starting on Nintendo switch for 20$ a year is a complete rip off on Switch. Sorry.  Lag even with the clearest of connections, and LAN adapter doesn't make a difference if the palyers are far. Okay, it's cool that you can create a room up to 8 players... but you can't play 8 player smash anyway so it doesn't matter. Spectating friends matches are pretty cool, especially for online doubles tournaments . But that's it... Quickplay promised a mode full of diversity and freedom in which if the player wanted to find a room with his rulesset, he could find that rulesset. If I'm looking for 3 stocks, no items, 1 on 1I will find a room of 4 players, items and random stages. It's unfortionate. The BIGGEST issue I have with the online, is that you are no longer able to play with your local friends online. You must now have 2 switches in order to play online together.. which is unfortionate and a disgrace honestly. My brother and I have been teammates since 2008's brawl when both of us, AND another player can head online and play with our friends. In Smash 4, it was shrunk to 2 local players able to go online. Now in Ultimate, each player must have their own Nintendo Switch to play online... So if we want to play doubles, he has to be on his set up while I have to be on mine... Besides the horrible lag and frame drops and disconnection issues.... this is by far the worst part of the online experience for me that forced players to even quit online entirely. This NEEDS to be fixed and updated if they want the future of Ultimate to continue.

ROAD TO 100%

- 100% Complete World of Light

- Complete Classic Mode with ALL Characters

- Complete all Challenge Panels

- Complete Century Smash in "MOB SMASH" with All Characters

Total Playtime: 300 Hours


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a MUST have for anyone who owns a Nintendo Switch. It's a game that has something for everyone even if you don't enjoy fighting games, it's a big party for everyone to laugh along with and prove that your favorite gaming character is the best of all! Sure... the buffering system needs work with the parrying.. and the online is absolutely horrible but it works. There's explosive content for everyone including new characters being added to the roster from series you would never expect to see. Stages are being added, the story mode is a must play and is so fun to complete with friends. It's the perfect balance of Smash 4's best features and Melee's most requested comeback features. I know that we will be getting features and content for years to come, and I'm excited to see everything that will expand the world of Smash Bros.  making it truly... Ultimate


+ Story Mode

+ Content 

+ Smooth Gameplay


- Online needs patching. 

- Buffering System

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