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Press Less 2019 - Review

Posted by Kelsy on April 10, 2019 at 10:45 PM


Reviewed by Kelsy "SuperGirlKels" Medeiros


Press Less 2019 was a Canadian Regional event held in Ottawa that contained players from all around eastern Canada such as top players from Toronto, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, and more. I had the privilege to have attended this event in 2018, where it was only an Ottawa Local event. There’s something about Ottawa, it’s the one scene in Canada so far that I play in and have such a hard time. There’s matchups, players, and more that play so differently that really do well against me and my characters. So I’m really looking forward to playing in the hardest Ottawa tournament yet for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate especially with Sonic’s new style of play. There’s also the improvements I’ve been making with my secondaries while learning to trust them more : Kirby and Isabelle. A lot has changed with my mindset, and a lot has changed with everyone and Ottawa. For one, EMG is involved with production and one of OttawaSmash’s top players BreaD is TO’ing the event so I’m excited to see the improvement from last year’s event that was already a great tournament. So let’s get to it!


Tournament Review:

Press Less 2019 held 4 events during the 1 day tournament (April 6th 2019): Melee Singles, Melee Doubles, Smash Ultimate Singles, and Smash Ultimate Doubles. I of course; was competing in Singles, Doubles (teamed with Mirage’s Jayy), and commentated for both events. The first thing that I was really impressed with was the room and temperature. Most tournaments held in 1 room are hot, sweaty, and very overcrowded and uncomfortable. But, free water was served the entire event thanks to the Hotel the event was hosted in. The water was cool, and RedBull Canada was also present to serve RedBull all day helping keep the players hydrated, and energized all day.


Doubles is the first event that started, and it was on time. Exactly at 11am sharp the first round of the bracket was called. BreaD instructed every team to set ups to play on to avoid delays, and confusion. Because of this, Doubles was completed in less than 3 hours. Even though there were only 20 teams, keep in mind that keeping schedule with 4 events including commentary, managing streaming, and the room itself is very hard to keep track of while trying to stick to the time. Though, the doubles tournament and everything was always on time and was even AHEAD at a point. This was super impressive because I’ve never been to a tournament where the schedule was ahead. I wanna give a shoutout to EMG’s owner Joe, Known as T.O Joe who literally flew in from Florida just to help out with his and Ottawa’s event to help and make sure that everything was okay. Take notes yall.


I think there was only one thing out of the entire tournament that I disliked, and that was the TO desk set up as well as the commentary / projector set up. The to desk was on the wall, wrapped on the corner where the commentary desk was. Wires were EVERYWHERE and players couldn’t get by without tripping all over the place until they finally put chairs to block access forcing the players to go around the room to get to set ups. The commentary desk was pushed to the wall that was also right next to the stream, so commentators had a hard time getting around to their seats to commentate. Finally, the stream set up which was set up on a projector that took 5 people to set up. The wire from the projector wasn’t long enough, and wasn’t at the right height to project properly. So a team of 5 including some players tried puzzle solving for almost an hour or two in total to get it set up properly. it would keep disconnecting, had no sound, and was hard fo see since the room was bright. This was honestly my only problem with the ENTIRE tournament. And i think that’s fine :) I feel because of lack of power bars, maybe lack of knowledge with that specific room and set up plus the amount of people present, that they just weren’t prepared for the set up. But it wasn’t a big issue and I know next year’s event will be a lot better in terms of set up! :)


To bring up the schedule once more and top 8, The tournament was exceptional. Singles pools began on time at 1pm, and all pools ended on time. Hype matches, and winners finals of every pool was played on stream making it easy for the tournament matches to proceed quick and smoothly. Break was when you were finished your pool, And you had until 5pm before the top 32 bracket, which is awesome cuz if you finished at 4 (max) you still had an hour break to eat (which is convenient since food is all around the area) and prepare for your bracket. Pools were also done the day before the event, very rare for a regional. This way, players were able to train and study for their bracket.

Top 32 began at 5pm, right on time as well. Winner’s bracket was streamed while the losers bracket played off stream. Our top 8 was finalized by 7, and even when the entire Top 8 was streamed the tournament still ended by 10pm. Speaking of top 8, it was probably the hypest top 8 I’ve ever watched in Canada for Smash Bros history. (Bias for my brother Jayy upsetting most of the top players at the event) but also because of the energy from the crowd Vs. The characters in top 8. There was Donkey Kong, Megaman, Pokemon Trainer, MegaKnight, Simon and more… Every part of each region made it in as everyone fought for the top and the crowd’s reaction rooting for their boys was the most hype of moments with the craziest of upsets that had my voice gone by the time the event was done.


Press less was outstanding, and if you’re looking for hype as well as experience to get better this is the regional you can’t miss out on.




My Matches @ PressLess Doubles / Singles + Thoughts


Round 2:

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) & Jayy (PT) > omw (Wolf) & Nuuka (Palutena) ��

Our first match of the game! Def was a great way for us to warm up since Wolf and Palutena are no secret to being great characters that counter ours. It tested our chemistry, and we did a great job at pressuring while sticking together. They put off a great fight, but we really gave them a hard time at just being comfortable on the stage. 

Winner’s Quarters:

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) & Jayy (PT) > Omega Raider (Ganon) & Ares (Chrom/Cloud) ��

Lucky for us, Ganon and Chrom are characters easy to gimp off stage which exposed their weakness. I was able to control the stage while Jayy would edge guard them with Ivy's planet sized down air.. The smart play on the opponent's team was the switch to cloud which did a better job at seperating us and getting around easier with his range. Though we adapted the second stock and were able to take it 2-0

Winner’s Semis:

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) & Jayy (PT) > JW (Greninja) & Brandon (DK) ��

This was the hardest set in the entire tournament. JW's Greninja was something we were not at all prepared for, he was everywhere at once just keeping us apart while being able to back up his partner. You can tell he really loved doubles and put everything he got for his teammate. Whenever me and Jayy got a grab, he would be ready right there to punish us with a KO. Brandon's kill power was unmatched as well, with great set ups and he had such great movement with DK that it was hard to hit him (I know right?) By game 4, We were able to adapt, and realized we needed to focus more on Brandon wracking up the damage on the heavy while blocking his landing. We realized both characters can't land very easily so we started exposing them by being in spots they needed to land in, and putting them back into the air. After 4 games of back and forth, we were able to take it to winner's finals! 

Winner’s Finals

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) & Jayy (PT) > Blacktwins (Pichu) & Riddles (Megaman) ��

I was SO excited to play Blacktwins. He has been my demon since the middle days of Smash 4, and even though it was doubles, I wanted to get a feel for him to prepare for singles bracket. I heard so much about his Pichu and have seen so much. I also knew how good Pichu was in Smash Ultimate, being able to be so small, with such agility and kill power. As for Riddles, someone so young yet so patient with such a strong punish game would be ready to react to anything coming at him. I have seen Riddles' play against Smokk and other players and I love his style as well as the ability to realize what is going on and almost immediately find a solution to it. Me and Jayy knew what we were up against but we were ready. Being back and forth for the few first games, we realized they struggled when we sticked together. Me and Jayy realized we were beginning to play 1 on 1 's with the wrong players. Jayy was managing BT quite well while I was handling Megaman in doubles pretty well with Sonic's homing attack. We decided to switch roles while creating 2 Vs 1 situations which paid off having our final game dominent. 

Grand Finals:

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) & Jayy (PT) > Blacktwins (Pichu, Roy) & Riddles (Megaman) ��

Me and Jayy were SO happy to make Grand Finals. When we started teaming in Ultimate, we struggled because we were so used to our Bayo/Sonic style in Smash 4. But with Sonic's new adjustments as well as learning a new character in Jayy's jacket it's hard to know how to approach certain matchups and situations. But after practicing and trying over and over at events and countless money matches, here we are finally. I told Jayy, I don't want a game 5, we seem to have this curse that whenever we're in grands we get bracket resetted then reversed 3-0'd as if we lose our spirit or something.... SO we didn't let that happen. We knew that BT and Riddles were going to make some adjustments to their gameplan but we were ready for every possible outcome. The whole set was in our favor, and to be honest it was all on Jayy. IDK what happened but he was everywhere at once with all of his pokemon, one minute he's edge guarding Riddles while the next he's comboing BT. I spent the entire time just making sure the ground was clear and the opponents wer ei the air for Jayy to play darts with. I also took advantage more of Sonic's homing attack which was SO useful in doubles coming out so quick while the opponents were focused on Jayy. I was also able to make immediate follow ups, and kill set ups. SO we won3-0, and took our first doubles tournament. I was REALLY proud Jayy and noticed his improvement. I just knew what was coming next in singles for him. 


Singles Pool Round 2:

SuperGirlKels (Isabelle) > Moriii (Ness) ��

I WAS NOT going to make the same mistake as I did in Collision, I knew after that event that Sonic and Ness was not the same story as in Smash 4. I knew Ness had major buffs and tools that can now counter Sonic's speed. SO I did what . I learned, used and trusted my secondaries. I was really proud of myself, I sat in that chair for round 1 saw Ness and didn't hesitate one bit and pulled out Isabelle. Everyone knows since smash 4 it's very hard for me to "trust my secondaries" since I always was just Sonic, and I always believe he can do everything alone. But Sonic DOES need help sometimes even in his own adventures. So, I pulled out Isabelle which I saw he was shocked because he expected the Sonic, and said he was prepared for it. I was able to pull out the surprise, and 2-0 Moriii with Isabelle's great edge guarding and spacing tools against Ness! 

Singles Pools Finals:

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) > Crow (Lucina) ��

I LOVE fighting Lucina, I don't know why and I don't know how but I truly believe Sonic beats Lucina. I feel Sonic stays in a certain range that baits options from her, which Sonic can then punish and use against her. She's easy to edge guard, and Spring ride is confirmed on the character which I was able to use game 1, though the cieling being high on Pokemon Stadium, she didn't die... but it put her in a huge disadvantage at that point. I was able to 3 stock game 1, but shoutouts to this man because he made the craziest of adaptation for game 2 and brought it to last stock. Def would and never should sleep on a Lucina, such power and speed and range. But, we made it through and got out of pools no problem! 

Singles Top 32 Results:

Round 1:

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) > Ares (Ike) ��

I was really excited to play Ares, I heard he's been coming up and with a character like Ike, I knew there was no time for messing around. I had a game plan going into the set, with my experience from MK Leo I knew I had to play the hit and run forcing his bad approach options and punishing his landings which is exactly what I did. I was really happy here, because even though I couldn't kill the character before 200% (LOL) I was able to keep a patient, and clear mindset. I waited patiently for my opportunity, played by the time and even though that part wasn't exactly "fun" I was able to keep calm and not panic about Ike's rage or about me messing up even with the crowd waiting in Awe. I was able to close it out 3-0 after a long wait for kills lmao.. surprisingly, no timeouts!  xD

Winner’s Quarters:

JW (Greninja) > SuperGirlKels (Sonic) ��




that is all :D In all seriousness, I studied so hard for Greninja beforehand, I spent all break for the hour we had on JW, but I felt I couldn't prepare for the live thing. I knew JW's skill and I didn't know what to expect until I experienced it myself. I was blown away by his patience, his speed, the way he would control the stage and keep me in the air he made me feel for the first time in Ultimate that Sonic had no options and that only meant that I lacked experience, and after the set he was able to give me TONS of advice so thanks to him! he's incredibly nice and so willing to help, this community doesn't deserve him he's honestly an angel lmao xD I was able to learn so much and this kind of body-bag is what I need ot get better! I'm REALLY looking forward to the next time I play him. I lost , 3-0

Losers 9ths:

SuperGirlKels (Sonic) > Xcal (ToonLink) ��

I'm going to be honest, my mind was effected after JW. I was still on that set, and I played Xcal RIGHT away after losing. I didn't realize it in the moment until I got into the set, but my mind was suddenly slowed down. Subconciously I was thinking of how I lost to greninja while fighting Toon Link. Xcal is an AMAZING player who is probably my fav player to watch right now in Canada. I'm a BIG fan, such a big fan that I almost picked up Toon Link lmao. I was REALLY excited to play him and I wanted to give him the set of his life knowing he destroyed Montreal last time they came to Ottawa. But ... my mind wasn't there and I felt SO bad. Game 1, he 2 stocked me. Game 2, he 2 stocked me. I was feeling overwhelmed with thoughts "ur goingto get upsetted" "everyones going to say Sonic sucks" "You were carried in smash 4" "you should just do commentating now" . this all appeared in my head. Until, I told my head to shut the **** up. I took off my hat, stalled a little bit just to clear my head. I talked to myself, thought about training, realizing I'm getting amazing Toon Link practice. I put up my hair, realizing I was a bit hot and overwhelmed. I drank some water, took a deep breath and adapted. I spoke to myself the entire rest of the set, learning and playing by what he was doing. I 3 stocked him game 3, close game 4, and 2 stocked him game 5. We shook hands, he asked for advice that I don't even remember what I said because of how intense I felt. When he walked away I SLAMMED the chair SO hard of .joy. I wasn't happy that I beat him, I was happy that I was able to control my head, to stay calm to talk to myself and bring myself back. I was REALLY proud of myself, also... I MADE TOP 8 :D 

Losers 7ths:

M9 (Megaman) > SuperGirlKels (Sonic, Kirby) ��


I watched the previous set of who's going to make it into Top 8, I saw M9 the Megaman who I've been watching since Smash 4 and who also made top 8 during last year's Liberty Walk DX, and the Snake who was projected to win. I prepared for Snake, with Ally dring the last weekly... so I was quite shocked when M9 took it but I also wasn't shocked because I knew his potential. I had a feeling, my tournament run was coming to an end... I KNEW the matchup between Sonic and Megaman was nearly impossible... but I wasn't going to give up. I tried Kirby, I tried Sonic... it wasn't until AFTER top 8 that I realized and was told that Isabelle would have been the best pick. He overwhelmed me and was quite convincing the entire set. He took it 3-1 and the 1 game I did win was only because of the stage. 

SO this concludes my run at PRESS LESS! I learned SO much about matchups I'm no longer familiar with, also on how Sonic should be played even more! Time to hit the lab. I'm SO proud of my head and only want to keep improving as a player, but also as a person. ONTO THE NEXT EVENT thank you ALL for reading and supporting me through one of the hardest events I've played in :D shoutouts to Ottawa for ALWAYS giving me a run for my money LOL <3 and Ontario for being so fkn hype. Miss u guys and finally, shoutouts to the JAyy crew who screamed their lungs out for him with me during top 8, it was the best moment of the event :D 

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Reply KidEDarus
11:29 AM on April 11, 2019 
Glad to hear that venue went by smoothly, nice to look at, and the atmosphere was welcoming for all. Not just one specific game. Doubles you and Jay were amazing. I was on the edge of my seat watching your dubs match. When you both win doubles all of us in the chat cheered so hard for you two. You and Jay have come so far and worked so hard. Singles nearing top 8, man tough opponents that nobody should be slept on. You did your best and still made top 8. Jayy, god damn how far this man has come to make it to 2nd place. His Metaknight and PKMN trainer was awesome to watch on stream and root for at home. Well next up is Icarus V. Enjoy the tourney and plenty of Italian food.