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Sonic the Hedgehog Notes

Posted by Kelsy on December 14, 2018 at 2:00 PM

I've been taking time for the past week to really try and figure out Sonic's new playstyle + combos and movement. Finally, I've been getting more comfortable and I wanted to share it with you all! There are LOADS of Sonic mains dropping the character from how different he is and the fear of him no longer being viable, of course I won't give up on him and I wanted to share some knowledge that can help the Sonic community for those who stayed! :) 

The following info CAN change. We're 1 week into this game and combos, patches, knowledge can cause changes. BUT you can edit blogs here on the website so I'll be sure to update as we go along :)

This article is based on Patch 1.1.2 and these notes are written in my notebook: Let's get started!


- Dashing with Sonic is key, because of how fast he is. He can quickly take stage advantage and control the flow of the game. Dashing back and forth, taking control of the center is your first goal. This will make your opponent feel overwhelmed, and have the need to commit to something defensively, or offensively. If nothing at all that's a free dash attack or homing attack fromhow fast those moves come out. 

- Note that Shield grabbing with Sonic is no longer good. Easy grabs were done in Smash 4 but with his grab nerfed in terms of distance and lag, it's no longer the attempt. don't fish grabs. You WILL get punished.

- IN Neutral: Focus on the following about your opponent:

1) If they attack: Shield, or Homing attack after the attack. You will get the hit due to their animation from their initial attack that needs to finish.

2) If dashing back and forth: If they aren't commiting and you see a pattern, you can dash attack. Get in, it will cover the space they are running between

3) If Shielding: DON'T shield grab, just grab. Shield and grab takes too long to come out and the opponent can react in time. You can also space yourself dashing back and forth at a roll distance near them to bait out a grab. then, proceed to attack after 

4) If Jumping: Use fair , your fair is a lot stronger, quicker and has a WAY better hitbox now.  It also combos into itself AND kills at high %. At high %, you may also cross up your opponent, get under them with your speed and use a pivot F smash that will kill around 115/120 (center stage)

as always, if you are in the lead DON'T force anything. You are in the lead and you are the damn fastest character in the game. Don't feel the need with the new physics that you need to go in. Sonic can still stay back and play by the clock. It will force the opponent to approach unsafely. You may also practice parrying when they DO approach aggressively. Both spindash AND spincharge go through shield if fully charged. So camp the edges and let it rip if they are approaching! if a player has projectiles, play a game. Jump over them, shield, don't play their game , play yours. 


- walking back and forth, then F tilt kills at 130

- Dtilt if the aim for the ledge from high or the same level as the edge the Dtilt will clip them into Fair (which kills)

- FSmash catch 2 frame from low recoveries

- Nair cross up for bair set up. (Catch the neutral get up) (Also kills)

- Running back and forth near edge in roll distance to force get up option from opponent. Catch the get up with either dash attack, fair, tilts, grab

- Spindash from ledge if you catch the roll - you get a free combo 

- If opponent off stage are on the same level as the edge, go off stage and set up a spring to catch them if they go low, if they go high you will be ready at the top with a bair or fair that will connect. If miss, you will get an air dodge but be careful and don't always do this, you can also get spiked if they expect it! 


- Fthrow - Tech chase (Dash attack, jab, Dtilt, spindash) 0-30%

- Up throw - jump - nair 0-50%

- Up throw - Homing attack 0-60% (You can get it to 100% if you bait the airdodge. the only way for them to dodge is by airdodging, so press homing attack once, let it charge and attack! dont forgetthe longer you hold the homing attack the more damage!)

- Up throw - spring - bair/nair/fair (Di dependent) 80-120%

- Dtilt-fair 0-80

- Nair (soft hit) - (di dependent) go for the follow up aerial 0-130%

- Nair (hard hit) - spring - nair/upair - 90-120% (also kills)

Kill set ups: 

- Back throw from ledge 135%

- Catch ground movement by Fast fall nair - bair  90% on ledge

- Bair 

- Side b / Down b - jump - nair - 140%

- DownB - Dair  40-70%

- FastFall Up air/Nair (hardhit) - spring - nair/bair  100+ %

- Up throw - spring - bair (bait airdodge) - Nair (kills 130%)

- Spindash/spincharge fully charged - off edge - jump - fair 95%

- Up tilt is a Kill Confirm at 170% So if you're having a hard time killing, you can just walk up and up tilt :) 

STAGES: From Best to Worst (this will change) (also opinion based) (based on Montreal Stages)

Yoshi's Island - PKMN Stadium 2 - Town and City - Kalos - Smashville - Final Destination - Battlefield  

Reason: Sonic has now a VERY hard time killing. Shorter blast zones will be better for him. and larger stages give you more response time.


I won't comment on this yet. The game is new and atm we're learning ALL 70+ characters. Will update this :) but  I FEEL sonic will struggle against heavy projectile game + swords. wel see! 

 I hope this helps all of you ! Thanks for taking the time to read and don't be shy to comment, and post your thoughts! If there's combos etc I can add it! Not fancy btw just true stuff X) 


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Reply Ethan Ellis
1:15 AM on February 9, 2019 
Hey! I'm having such a blast learning Sonic! Thanks so much for the info! Could you explain the difference in Sonic's Side B versus his Down B? Also, what are the strengths and weaknesses of those two? Can't decide which one to use in battle. Thanks again!
Reply Kelsy
9:34 AM on December 17, 2018 
Reply SuperLuisBros97
3:52 PM on December 14, 2018