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Posted by Kelsy on December 5, 2018 at 3:35 PM

Hey everyone, Kels here! 

Welcome to the new SuperGirlKels website! From the beginning of 2012 we have had this website that has allowed you to make friends, communicate with, play against, and more. 

As the years have gone on, I know that this website has become more and more about the work I do, places I go, etc. I felt it was losing it's touch and the community that we have developped together was losing interest or ways to use it. 


Over the past few weeks, Ilooked at this website's history to see what worked, and what didn't. I've taken in requests, and comments I've seen in the past and those who commented for the future. 

Allow me to introduce the following interactions for you to use on the website:

- Sign up/Sign in:  Nothing has changed here, make an account find members on the website, communicate, post comments on their wall, see what your friends have been up to, posting ETC. 

- EVENT SCHEDULE:  From now on, this is OUR schedule. Not just the SGK schedule. If you are hosting a Smash tournament or would like to on the SGK website, you now can. Request it to me in the "Tamer Community" Page and I'll process, and accept it if it sounds great! Any other apealing events that can involve the community will be posted too if requested, and accepted.

- TAMER'S COMMUNITY :  This is where you're going to be for most of the time. The discord chat where members have been chatting, competing and making friends will be live right there. And for those who don't have a Discord account, my website will create a BOT for you to use while on the website. On the page as well, you can now listen to my full Spotify account. ALL my thousands of songs are on the app, so rock out and enjoy while catching up with pals. There will also be this, "Blogging" page too! recent blogs will appear on the page to show members what's new and who has been posting what. Recent VODS that have been uploaded will appear there as well, boardgames you can play with other Tamers and more. Explore it, enjoy it! You can even request things to me personally including letters and questions from this page.

- MERCH:  Coming soon o.o but basically, just as it sounds! Get your favourite SGK merch, buy , or gift to friends!

- Youtube / Twitch :  LIVE feed of my Youtube's channel and Twitch will be on their respected pages. If I'm live, it will be live here too. There are also mini games to play with the chatroom in case you're waiting.  As for Youtube, not only will it be a livefeed of my channel, but stay up to date with ALL Content that is coming up for the month. 

- Ultimate Tour 2019 - Know where I'm headed, where I am and when for Ultimate. come watch streams, or sign up and come meet me and lets play and make top 32 together! ;) You can also request tournaments for me to attend through here.

- M.U VODS - Here I will keep ALL of my vods from Tournaments. They are categorized by order of characters that have joined the Smash Bros. Series, as well as my doubles games. 

- This page, Bloggers (instead of tamers hehe) You guys have the free will to post ANYTHING (that's obviously approved and not offensive) Have something on your mind? Had a tough day at school and want to get it off your chest?  Have Matchups you're trying to learn? Or notes for a specific matchup you want to share with the tamers? Post here. The "Tamers" Category is ALL for you. I will also be posting personal blogs as time goes on for you all as well!

And those are the updates! 

I REALLY hope you guys love the new website and use it more! If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site or if any issues have popped up let me know :D Thanks a lot you're awesome  <3 

- SuperGirlKels

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