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About our events:

Animal Crossing has become one of the biggest staples in the SGK Community, and with Nintendo! Once a month, Tournaments are held to bring Animal Crossing fans around the world together to have a good time, in a friendly competition to fight for a prize sometimes by Nintendo, or by SuperGirlKels! 

Join on in, learn, make friends, and have FUN! :) 


Animal Crossing New Horizons Monthlies #1 - HIDE AND SEEK!

Date: June 27th 2020

Time: 1-4PM EST


Hosted on:

  • Towns Gates open at 12:50PM EST
  • Players will be able to prepare and find their spots before 1:10.
  • Appear to TWITCH and CHECK in at 1:00PM on
  • Player in each town will find everyone in the town every 20minutes (switching players) based in alphabetical order of their username.
  • After all players have played to find the villagers, points will be determined based on how many players were caught in between how much time.
  • Top 4 will make it to the final round from each pool.
  • Prize goes to 1st place
  • Top 4 is included in the Banner to celebrate the fun and achievement as the sneakiest animal crossing players!


  • Tournament will be set with 8 players per Town. Towns will be decided 2 hours before the Tournament begins using "Pools" as bracket set up.
  • In order of characters name alphabetically, each player will have their turn to find everyone in town within 20minutes. Depending on how many people you find, you get more points.
  • 20minutes to find each player (Timer will be on)
  • IF in case of a tie, the time as to WHEN you found these players will be considered.
  • As the player seeks and finds players, the founded players will help the user find the REST of the villagers.
  • NOT found villagers will be wearing RED TShirts (provided prior to Tournament)
  • FOUND villagers will be wearing a BLUE Tshirt.
  • IF in case of a disconnection, players will be given 5 minutes to get back to their positions before the finding continues.
  • You are able to hide ANYWHERE in town including inside shops, houses, museum and more
  • You are NOT allowed to hide in the same place that you have previously hid in during the set (the pool of 8 people in the town) but may hide there again in the NEXT set.
  • You are NOT allowed to hide in the same place as someone else. First come, first served!
  • Tournament will be held from 1PM-4PM EST
  • First match begins at 1:15pm EST do NOT be late or you will be DQ'd
  • GATES that players will be hidden in will be open 20minutes prior to the event (12:50) to go learn about the towns layouts and more.
  • Multitourey-ing is BANNED
  • MUST be apart of the SGK community to join (discord and twitch)
  • MUST be present on the TWITCH to contact everyone


25$ eShop card + Animal Crossing Hoodie:


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