Wikipedia Bio: SuperGirlKels "SGK"

SuperGirlKels, abbreviated as SGK, is an Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sonic player from Montreal, Quebec, and is considered the best Sonic player in Canada, and among the best Sonic players in North America, alongside Sonido, 6WX, and Wrath, with a strong Kirby secondary. She is currently ranked 58th on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5, 4th on the Montreal Ultimate Power Rankings, and 21st on the Smash Canada Rankings Ultimate, and has sets off of top players such as Ally, Geist, Fwed, and Exodia.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, SuperGirlKels was also a Sonic player. She is currently ranked 4th on the Montreal Ultimate Power Rankings and 4th on the Smash Canada Rankings, and has taken sets off of players such as CaptainZack, Mr.R, ESAM, Mew2King, Fatality, MVD, Pink Fresh, Ryuga, Venom, and Blacktwins.

SuperGirlKels is one of the first women to win a regional, doing so at Lan ETS 2016. She is also the only woman to be ranked on the Panda Global Rankings, being ranked 100th on the Panda Global Rankings 100.

In doubles, she frequently teams with her younger brother Jayy, who is also a professional smasher.

On February 22nd, 2017, SuperGirlKels was signed by BOT Empire.[1] On February 10th, 2018, SuperGirlKels was signed by both Even Matchup Gaming and Iceberg Esports.[2][3] On March 1st, 2018, SuperGirlKels announced her departure from Iceberg Esports following the organization inexplicably dropping players and refusing to pay them.[4][5]

SuperGirlKels would later be signed by Lazarus on July 18th, 2019.[6]

- Wikipedia: August , 2020

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ULTIMATE 32 ($10,000 Prize Pool)

Date: Nov. 15th 2020

This is a RANKED Smash Ultimate Online Tournament hosted by Gaming Insomniacs and JetStream. This event is a FREE online bracket to bring Smash enthusiasts together during this pandemic.

Gaming Insomniacs is a gaming company in Schenectady NY specializing in Esports and Game Development.

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If you are no longer able to attend this event, email your tag to and we will un-register you. Smash GG doesn't allow players to un-register themselves for some reason.

This tournament is designed to bring the Smash community together despite recent events that have hit our community so hard. We can bounce back and this is a great start in that direction. We hope you can join us in this journey back.

This event is FREE to enter!

The event is region locked to USA, Mexico, and Canada ONLY.

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There are discussions of utilizing a different stagelist with the introduction of Small BattlefieldPayout💰
  • Prizes will be paid out through CashApp
    • $10,000.00 distributed to the top 8 players.

"Cheating" includes, but is not limited to:

  • Smurfing, or otherwise using accounts that aren't yours
  • Players found cheating within our events will be subject to punishment immediately and given a lifetime ban from all Gaming Insomniacs tournaments.

Please don't cheat. We are here to have fun.

With the introduction of Small Battlefield, we are considering other Stagelists
  • This event is hard capped at 4096 Entrants. Make sure to pre-register immediately!
  • In the event someone lies about their loss and tries to scam you, make sure to keep a photo/recording of each game (w/ win screen) for the review! This is important!
  • All sets before Top 32 are Bo3.
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  • This is an Ethernet Adapter ONLY Tournament. If we investigate and find that you have a Wireless (Wifi) connection, you will be DQ'd from the tournament with No Refund.
  • Lag Test can be performed for Off-Streamed matches, but there is a limit to this request and we will be investigating both parties where this comes up. You must have access to a desktop computer for ping tests if needed - failure to do so will result in a DQ. If our review(s) come up with either one or both players utilizing WiFi, you will be automatically DQ'd with No Refund.
  • Be respectful to others at all times and have fun!
Game Settings🔄
  • Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 7 minutes
  • Final Smash Meter: Off
  • Spirits: Off
  • Damage Handicap: Off
  • Stage Selection: Anyone
  • Items: Off and None
  • First to: 1 Win
  • Stage Morph: Off
  • Stage Hazards: Off
  • Team Attack: On
  • Launch Rate: 1.0x
  • Underdog Boost: Off
  • Pausing: Off
  • Score Display: Off
  • % Show Damage: Yes
  • Custom Balance: Off
  • Echo Fighters: Separate
  • Radar: Big
  • Teammate Highlight: On
  • Mii Fighters: All moveset combinations are legal

Event registration is open until 11:59pm EDT, Thursday November 12th.


Full Schedule Breackdown HERE. Schedule will be updated based on number of entrants.

Saturday November 14

Pools - 12:00pm, 12:30pm, 1:00pm, 1:30pm EDT.

Top 128 - 5:00pm EDT. Top 16 advance.

Sunday November 15

Pubs 16 Vs Pro 16

Top 32 - 1:00 pm EDT.

Top 8 - 3:00pm EDT.

Seeding and Bracket will be posted after registration closes. Expect them to be available End of Day Thursday November 13. If there is a conflict with your pool, email us ASAP so we can address it ( Email must be present by Noon EDT Friday November 20th.

CANT BE TAMED Monthly Tournaments #15 - Season 3

* This tournament counts for the SGK Community PR Season 3 that ends Dec. 2020*

Singles until Top 32: 11AM EST

Doubles: 1PM EST

Singles Top 32: Sunday 1PM EST

SGK Community Tournament for players under the Discord, Twitch followers, Youtube and Twitter.

Will be fully streamed on


  • Final Destination
  • Battlefield
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Town and City
  • Smashville


  • Small Battlefield
  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Yoshi's Story

Mount Phenom Zero: Smash Event

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