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SuperGirlKels, abbreviated as SGK, is an Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sonic player from Montreal, Quebec, and is considered the best Sonic player in Canada, and among the best Sonic players in North America, alongside Sonido, 6WX, and Wrath, with a strong Kirby secondary. She is currently ranked 58th on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v5, 4th on the Montreal Ultimate Power Rankings, and 21st on the Smash Canada Rankings Ultimate, and has sets off of top players such as Ally, Geist, Fwed, and Exodia.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, SuperGirlKels was also a Sonic player. She is currently ranked 4th on the Montreal Ultimate Power Rankings and 4th on the Smash Canada Rankings, and has taken sets off of players such as CaptainZack, Mr.R, ESAM, Mew2King, Fatality, MVD, Pink Fresh, Ryuga, Venom, and Blacktwins.

SuperGirlKels is one of the first women to win a regional, doing so at Lan ETS 2016. She is also the only woman to be ranked on the Panda Global Rankings, being ranked 100th on the Panda Global Rankings 100.

In doubles, she frequently teams with her younger brother Jayy, who is also a professional smasher.

On February 22nd, 2017, SuperGirlKels was signed by BOT Empire.[1] On February 10th, 2018, SuperGirlKels was signed by both Even Matchup Gaming and Iceberg Esports.[2][3] On March 1st, 2018, SuperGirlKels announced her departure from Iceberg Esports following the organization inexplicably dropping players and refusing to pay them.[4][5]

SuperGirlKels would later be signed by Lazarus on July 18th, 2019.[6]

- Wikipedia: August , 2020

Recent Tournament Results (2019 Tour)

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Upcoming Events

M-Kolosseum #2

Date: September 5th 2020
General RulesAll sets will be Best Of 3 until Top 8, at which point they will become Best Of 5Game Settings:
  • Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 7 minutes
  • Final Smash Meter: Off
  • Spirits: Off
  • Damage Handicap: Off
  • Stage Selection: Choice
  • Items: Off and None
  • Stage Morph: Off
  • Stage Hazards: Off
  • Team Attack: On
  • Launch Rate: 1.0x
  • Underdog Boost: Off
  • Score Display: Off
  • % Show Damage: Yes
  • Custom Balance: Off
  • Mii Fighters: All moveset combinations are legal
We will be making use of the Frostbite 2020 Singles RulesetStage Pick Procedure:Stages will be struck in a 1-2-1 pattern for the initial match of a set.

This means that before the set begins, Player 1 will strike ONE stage from the starter selection. Player 2 will then strike TWO stages from the starter selection. Player 1 will then strike ONE from the two remaining starter stages and Game 1 of the set will be played on the remaining stage.

For Game 2:

The player who wins game one will ban two stages from the total 8 Stage List. The player who lost Game 1 will then be able to chose from the 6 remaining stages.

FULL DSR (Dave's Stupid Rule) is active for this ruleset.

This means that a player may not counterpick to ANY stage that they have previously won a game on for the duration of the set.

Stages:Starter Stages:
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Smashville
  • Town & City
Counterpick Stages:
  • Yoshi’s Story
  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Lylat Cruise
Note: Omega and Battlefield variations are allowedSudden Death Clause:Self-Destruct Moves:

If a game ends with a self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner. If a sudden death occurs, a standard sudden death play-off game applies.

Sudden Death:

If a game goes to Sudden Death, the winner is determined by stocks and percentage at the time the game ends. If both players are tied in stocks, the player with the lower percentage is the winner. In the event of a percentage tie, or a game in which both players lose their last stock simultaneously, a 1-stock tiebreaker will be played with a 3-minute time limit. The results of an in-game 300% Sudden Death do not count. If Sudden Death occurs in a Sudden Death game, this process is repeated.

Schedule (All Times are in Central Daylight Time)
The registration deadline will be Friday, September 4th at 12 pm, there will be no registration after that date without exception.On the date of Saturday, september 5th:Pools: 5 PMTop 32: 6:30 PMTop 8: 8:30 PM
Prize Pool
The Prize Pool will be split between the 3 highest placing entrants in the following breakdownFirst Place: 60% ($300)Second Place: 25% ($125Third Place: 15% ($75)

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