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Wikipedia Bio: SuperGirlKels "SGK"

SuperGirlKels, abbreviated as SGK, is an SSB4 Sonic player from Montreal, Quebec, and is considered the best Sonic player in Canada, and among the best Sonic players in North America, alongside 6WX, Manny, and Wrath. SuperGirlKels is currently ranked 3rd on the Montreal Smash 4 Power Rankings. She has taken sets off of players such as Mew2King, Fatality, MVD, Pink Fresh, Ryuga, Venom, James, Holy, and Blacktwins.

SuperGirlKels is one of the first women to win a regional, doing so at Lan ETS 2016.

- Wikipedia, 2017

Tournament Results: 2017

Upcoming Events

Genesis 5 - Championship 

Location: 550 10th St, Oakland, California 94607

Date: January 19-21

Vlog: YES

Doubles with: LES EMG blacktwins13

Genesis 5 is here and we've moved to Oakland!

We will be using all ~60k square feet of the Oakland Convention Center floor, and have our top 8 finals at the beautiful Paramount Theatre in downtown Oakland!

This year at GENESIS 5 we'll have overnight venue & free-to-play arcade!

  • No compendium level necessary!
  • ~20 arcade game cabs on free play thanks to @na_gamesaru
  • Got an arcade game you want to see? Let us know via twitter

Genesis is the Smash community's premier grassroots series, featuring Melee, Wii U, and SSB64. This year we're featuring 6 additional games:

  • Rivals of Aether (singles and doubles) Friday/Saturday
  • Splatoon Friday/Saturday
  • MvCi ($1000 pot bonus!) Saturday only
  • SFV Arcade Edition ($1000 pot bonus!) Saturday only
  • Pokken Tournament DX Saturday only
  • Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Saturday only

Events like G5 aren't possible without the help of volunteers from our great community to assist in running pools and other tasks. 6 hours of volunteering work will get you: -Free Volunteer T-Shirt (will be a different design than the standard G5 shirt) -Free Sunday Top 8 seating in a reserved section -More goodies/food/refreshments TBD Our volunteer leadership team is the helpful and friendly Josh Kassel, Chuck Vigus, and Valerie Wonderland. Apply here:

LAN ETS 2018 - Regional Tournament in MONTREAL , Canada

Location: Place Bonaventure, MontrĂ©al, QC H3B, Canada

Date: February 9-11 2018

Vlog: No

Doubles: No Confirmed Partner

Canada's largest LAN Party is going back to Place Bonaventure on February 9-11th, 2018. Lan ETS 2018 will feature lots of new features for the gaming community!

Up to 2000 players, more space for console, large exhibitor zone, 1000+ spectator seats, more prizes to win, convention center accessible to thousands of visitors and a level of entertainment like never before!

Lots of awesome announcements to come...stay tuned

EGLX 2018 - Smash 4 Canada Major Tournament

Location: 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1E8

Date: March 9-11th 2018

Vlog: No

Doubles: No Confirmed Partner 



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