09 Good Time
SuperGirlKels (Liberty Walk)


Thanks to you guys, in 2010 SGK started her own music videos with "Can't Be Tamed" being her biggest success. Thanks to her music and you guys, SGK was able to expand her music skills and create more music for you. In 2012, "Danger Zone" , SuperGirlKels's first music mashup album released with more than 10, 000 downloads. With hit tracks like "Judas", "Hold it Against Me", "Party Rock Anthem", "E.T", and "Me Against the Music", the playlist was a success leading into the production of her 2nd mashup album: "Liberty Walk" which is now available for download that features the singles: "Liberty Walk", "Scream & Shout", "Part of Me", and "Good Time".



In 2014, I was going through a lot in my life that would influence me for the next two years... It allowed me to find myself. I think that's why this album is taking so long. I wanted it to be me, real, something everyone can relate to but for everyone to see the real me so I wasn't satisfied with the sound I was getting out of it, or the messages. I had to first find myself before I could tell the world who I am and what I represent as well as finding my voice. It was originally going to be a cover album, where I remix; and cover popular art songs. In the end, it seems to be becoming a classic of it's own full of my own original ideas, lyrics, and work. I can't wait for you to listen to it. It's got something for everyone from electronic to R&B , Pop to Dance and more! Just a few more months...

SuperGirlKels  - In the studio for "ProjectKM"


* Note that all the following beats, music, and words are not written or produced by SGK. All music and lyrics belong to their original owners and are just re donemixed into a new sound for everyone to enjoy.

To download and run the albums you need WInRAR to open the files. You can download it right here!*

Liberty Walk (2013)

Liberty Walk - June 2nd, 2013

01 Liberty Walk (DJ Reflex)

02 Champagne Showers

03 Part of Me

04 Born This Way (Electro)

05 Scream & Shout

06 Rumour has It

07 Dance Again (UK Remix)

08 Titanium

09 Good Time

10 Try

11 Don't Wake Me Up

12 Without You

(Bonus Track):

13 Hold it Against Me (Liberty Walk Mashup)

01 Liberty Walk (Reflex Remix)
SuperGirlKels (Liberty Walk)

Danger Zone (2012)

Danger Zone (2.0) - January 15th 2012


01 Burnin' Up the Night

02 Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix)

03 Who Owns My Heart (DJ Kimbo Trance Remix)

04 E.T (Dark Intensity Remix) Ft. XxGeexX

05 Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know (Crazy Love Remix)

06 Me Against the Music (In the Zone Remix) Ft. Kiki-Lee

07 Overprotected

08 Endless Summer Ft. RedRoseLiz

09 Tik Tok (SGK Dirty Remix)

10 Party Rock Anthem Ft. 6WX & XLR8

11 The Big Bang Remix Ft. FlameBoyJ

12 Hold it Against Me (DJ Geometric Remix)

13 Dance In the Dark

14 Rolling in the Deep (Electric Remix)

15 Marry the Night (Zedd Remix)

16 On the Floor

17 Can't Be Tamed (RockAngeles Remix)

18 Only Girl (Bonus Track 2013 Update)

17 Can't Be Tamed (RockAngeles Remix) Ft. Lil Jon
SuperGirlKels (Danger Zone)

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Good Time - SuperGirlKels Ft. TysonSeason

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