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Welcome to SuperGirlKels's official website! Here, you will be able to keep updated with all things SuperGirlKels and interact with Smash 4 players for Wii U all across the globe! Challenge them, meet friends and encourage each other through your own profile! Join in in the "Smash Room" ! Create your account today! Stay up to date with all things SGK in the SCHEDULE! Upcoming Tournaments shows all events SGK will be attending to where you can meet up, train and more! Stay up to date with Kels's Blog for motivation, and to read her journal on personal events. NEW Music is on the way! Stay up to date on the Music page for upcoming projects and to download classics like Can't Be Tamed , Part of Me , and More! Don't forget to join her live for streams such as Sonic, Smash 4, and other gaming franchises on her Twitch and Youtube uploads!

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SuperGirlKels was sponsored with BOT Empire in January of 2017! With becoming the face of their Smash scene, and being their first fighting game Tournament player: BOT will help SuperGirlKels achieve her goals getting her to majors internationally, new content creations and more. Follow BOT Empire for SGK news, and other gaming titles such as COD , Smite and more. 

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